While I'm at it . . . One more about Hugh

Hugh has been the subject of quite a few posts these days. Before you start feeling bad for Hugh, remember that these are all legitimate things he has done. I have actually offered to post stories that he has written about me, but he hasn't taken me up on it yet and I suspect he never will.  I have a tiny bit more than a smidge of Mary Poppins in me (for those of you not in the know, Mary Poppins in practically perfect in every way - self proclaimed of course, but nevertheless), so coming up with anything incriminating on me would be nearly impossible for Hugh.

After we arrived home from Christmas at my mom and dad's, Hugh was feeling a bit sluggish from overindulging and decided he was going to shape up. I was surprised when he said this included hopping on the treadmill. Hugh got into running this summer, but his running was almost exclusively done outdoors. Once the cold weather hit this fall, he had stopped running. Hockey had also begun and since he is playing on a number of different teams he was staying in shape skating multiple times a week. Christmas eating made him rethink his "hockey only" workouts and he decided to bite the bullet and start running in our basement.

I had come downstairs to get something during Hugh's first run on Dec. 27. We had a brief exchange discussing plans for lunch. As I came up the stairs into our entrance way I simultaneously heard a crash and Hugh yell. I stopped and hollered down to see if he was alright. Hugh gave me the all clear. I wish I could say our wall made out as well as Hugh did.

According to Hugh, he lost his footing and "slipped" back. Before I could snap the shot of damage, Hugh had already cut it out. He was only a little embarrassed. When he retells the story he often says that I was scantily clad which caused him to lose his footing. For the record, I was in my pyjamas and hadn't brushed my hair or teeth yet. 

If anyone has a small piece of drywall to spare over the February break, I would certainly appreciate it.

Happy Monday.


  1. We do! I'm sure we do... you can definitely have it... would help us out actually! :)


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