The Clear Flow Garden Hose Debacle

This summer I blogged about the Clear Flow Garden Hose from Home Hardware. If you forgot, I basically told you how great it was - super light and durable. I am too lazy for look for the old post. We bought two hoses. One for the front of the house and one for the back. Unfortunately, after only a couple of weeks, the one in the back cracked open. We couldn't find the receipt (which wasn't surprising since Hugh bought it :-), but figured we would give returning it a shot. The staff at Home Hardware in Sutherland were awesome. Hugh took it in and they immediately got him another one. Since Home Hardware is the only place that sells them, they didn't even question and made it an easy exchange for us. Home Hardware simply took the replacement out of the package and handed it over.

When Hugh got home with the hose there was a little problem. He had told the staff at Home Hardware our hose was the 25 foot and not the 50 foot. The 25 foot didn't even reach 2/3's of the way down our yard. This hose seemed a bit more problematic to return. Hugh had to take it back and ask for a longer one without any packaging and without a receipt. I thought it best to return right away, so they may remember Hugh. I nagged him for the first couple of weeks after the original exchange, but eventually I gave up. Even I can only nag so long. I was disappointed. I figured we would just end up buying a new one at some point, because I could not see them exchanging the hose for a longer without any recollection of the original exchange. A couple months after the original exchange I started nagging again. I couldn't do anything in the backyard, because the hose we had was so heavy and quite frankly, I was just annoyed by the whole situation. Hugh appeared with a 75 foot hose a couple days later in the original package, much to my relief and surprise.

"Did they exchange the other one?"


"Did you have to pay for an upgrade?"


"They didn't care that we only had the 50 foot last time?"


"How come they left the packaging on?"

"I don't know, Jordan."

That was that. I had my hose and I was pumped to be able to use it in the yard. Hugh figured he needed the extra 25 feet for when it was time to flood the rink and since they were so good about the mix-up, I couldn't have cared less.

Fast forward to October. I ended up in Hugh's car getting groceries. I grabbed all the goods from the back and headed into the house. Imagine my surprise when I opened one bag and found a Clear Flow Garden Hose in one of them. It had no package and looked to be approximately 25 feet long. . . BUSTED. That night when Hugh came home, he immediately got sheepish when I inquired about the mysterious hose in his back seat. Apparently, Hugh thought he lost it when I started nagging about returning it the second time. He went in to Home Hardware and bought a new one to trick me. One of the funniest things about this event is that Hugh keeps a relatively clean car. I had simply pulled the hose from behind the driver's seat. I sit farther up than Hugh in the car and this exposed the "lost" hose.

Hugh may need to work on his search and rescue skills, if he plans to "trick" me in the future.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh man.. Sometimes it pays to be short! ;) :)

  2. Oh. Haha! BUSTED! At least it got you off his back though. Haha. Having a short hose indeed is quite inconvenient, especially how your garden hose must be very versatile to reach all areas outdoors. If I may ask, didn’t you have problems with different fittings for the hose, especially when each hose you had has differing lengths?

    H Itzkowitz


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