More tales from the back seat of Hugh's car

Last week, I went to the library and grabbed a few books for Calder to read. I was super excited at my finds. They were at his reading level and I thought were in his interest area. Library card in hand, I headed up to the front to check them out.


I had borrowed the DVD Despicable Me at the end of October and apparently hadn't returned it. Our DVD player is in our utility room out of plain sight and since we rarely watch DVDs I figured it had got left there. Sad, the librarian kindly told me she would hold the books for me for 24 hours.

As I drove away, I couldn't believe I had forgotten to return the DVD. I recalled it was only a 1 week loan and as I did a fog lifted. In early November I had remembered the 1 week loan part on the day it was due back. I asked Hugh to return it that morning and he agreed. I remember him being annoyed that it was in the basement when he was on his way out the door to school.

I pulled into our garage, put the van in park and texted Hugh. Thoughts of the Clear Flow Garden Hose ran through my head. Hugh could not recall the DVD, but I assured him the events had happened EXACTLY as I had explained. Hugh was in my brother's truck that day and agreed to look in the car when he got home.

Hugh found the DVD in the car. I wasn't surprised - pleased it wasn't lost, but not surprised. Hugh told me he returned it to the library, but I will believe it when the librarian tells me my account is clear and I can borrow books again!

Happy Wednesday!


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