Teachers, you need to read this one.

The post you need to read is not mine. It is Glennon's over at Momastery.com. Check it out HERE. Such an amazing idea. And so simple. . .

I have started thinking more about work. My date to return is March 17. It is getting so close and I am having a whirlwind of emotions surrounding it. Mostly sad emotions, but I'm working on that. I do love my job, so at least if I'm not with my kids, I am doing something I love. I can't imagine how hard it must be for moms coming off maternity leave heading back to jobs they hate.

This week I went in to my school. Twice. Once to meet a staff member who was teaching a math class for the first time and was looking for some help and the second time to drop off resources for that teacher and two others who are teaching my classes until I get back. I like to hand over anything I have ever created, hard copy or digital file, if there is someone wants it. I am honoured if co-workers find it usable, whether it be in the form I gave them or altered to fit their classroom. I love helping! 

It felt good to be in the school. I got to see some lovely former students while I was there and feel a bit of the buzz you only get in a building with hundreds of teenagers. I think having been in the school this week will be helpful in getting me in the right mind frame to head back to work.  It was a great reminder of some of the things I love about my job and some of the personal satisfaction I get from the work I do there.

I hope if you are at work today, you are doing something you love. Happy Friday


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