Gross comes to mind

I walked in to our bedroom yesterday to find this:

At first, like I'm sure you are thinking, I thought, "What the heck is that?" This shot is hard to tell the location but there is a pillow to the left propped up at the head of our bed and you can see the corner of another one at the bottom of the frame. As I made my way in for a closer look it became disgustingly clear. It was a used bandaid.

One word immediately came to my mind. Hugh.

My first reaction was actually the suppression of giggles. It is gross - for sure, but it is stuck to our wall! And the crazy part is Hugh wore that bandaid a week ago and we washed our sheets in between him wearing the bandaid and it getting stuck to the wall. I suspect he put it on his night stand and somehow on Wednesday night it made its way to our wall.

Last night I told Hugh he was going to be the subject of today's post. His first response: "What did I do?" I had left the evidence in place for him to see for himself. Hugh is a bad liar and yesterday was one of his more pathetic attempts. He tried to tell me it wasn't him, but even he couldn't keep a smile from curling up at the edges of his lips.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Haha - I found one on the back of Rowan's ear the other morning when he woke up!



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