At Christmas time Hugh expressed a desire to get away for a mini-holiday between January and the February break. It was cold over Christmas which left us limited time to enjoy the outdoors and Hugh figured after another month or so of indoor recesses he would need a bit of break. He also thought it would be fun for us to do something different with the Calder and Boone.

I was apprehensive. I love getting away, but since I am at home all of the pre-holiday planning and the  organization of clothes and food gets left in my court. The post-holiday cleanup also falls to me. Hugh is a great helper when he is around, but since he would be at work when most of this would be getting done, I would be flying solo. The thought of packing and cleanup for our "relaxing" getaway actually began stressing me out. It seemed like more work than it was worth. On top of that, our kids go to bed at 6:30 pm (B) and 7:00 pm (C). Calder can function if he stays up later, but only for a day or so, and Boone would have a really hard time adjusting to less sleep. Not only would keeping semi-regular bedtimes be problematic in a hotel room, there would be some serious difficulties getting Boone to nap twice a day as well. If the kids don't sleep, we don't sleep and since I do not function that well tired, I was not looking forward to a trip.

The further we progressed into January, the more Hugh was really wanting a getaway. I was still stressed, but I opened myself up to a compromise and let Hugh convince me that staying in Saskatoon would feel like a getaway. For me it felt like just as much packing and organizing and it also felt like a waste of money staying in a hotel 20 minutes from home. I didn't think it would be relaxing at all, but I was compromising. You won't hear me say this often, but Hugh was right ;-) It was a great getaway.

Hugh chose the Sheraton Cavalier for our staycation because it has a great indoor water park. He also picked the room - a suite. It had a living area with a pullout couch and a queen in the bedroom. It was considerable more money, but it made our one night sleepover a relaxing and rejuvenating stay. Everyone slept well and we spent hours in a virtually empty water park. We ordered pizza, watched t.v. and even had a yummy Starbucks coffee in the morning. Nothing could beat the giddy excitement that Calder had before we hit the pool, or Boone's wiggling anticipation when we entered the water park the second time!

Our one night stay was perfect. We plan to do it again next year! Good work, Hugh!


  1. FUN!! Good for you... what an awesome chance to make memories too! :) Some of my favourite childhood memories are while at a hotel pool, wherever it might've been (and after however many $$ were dropped just to get there... whoops. Funny how Saskatoon hotel pools seem very similar to the ones in far off, expensive-to-travel lands... ;)


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