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I am having trouble organizing thoughts for a post. I am blaming it on this darn cold. I just had one before Christmas and here I am a month later with another one. My immune system sucks. I am almost petrified of what it will be like going back to work. . . coming within range of 100's of potentially sick teenagers . . . It could get messy . . . Or in my case, really, really snotty.

I still haven't gotten my Christmas cards out. GASP. I know late is better than never, but not getting this done is eating away at me. Part of the problem has been getting together the letter. Hugh and I like to write a summary of our year and include it with our holiday picture. We wrote the letter right at the start of December, so it's not that it isn't done. I just read somewhere that people don't like Christmas letters anymore, because they feel all they are simply a forum for people to brag. I write about my kids and my life on my blog. Some may call it bragging, but I feel like if you are here reading, you are choosing to read. I do my best not to write stuff on FB that could be perceived as bragging, because those items just appear to people and I know all too well what it feels like to compare myself to others - it can be very painful. I am contemplating whether our Christmas letter belongs more on my blog than in our card. I know I shouldn't worry about what other people think, but you know me - I do. Regardless, as soon as this post is done I am going to print the envelope labels off and start stuffing the cards. In the very least, I will post the letter here.

I just finished Jay Onrait's book, Anchorboy. He used to be on TSN's SportsCentre. It was a very easy read and I really enjoyed it. I am currently reading Bobby Orr's book, Orr: My Story. I am liking it as well (remember it was the Christmas of non-fiction!). I would recommend Bobby Orr's book for anyone that thinks their kid is going to be a hockey player. I like his take on where the sport is headed. Next non-fiction will be Orange is the New Black and somewhere in there I need to get reading Water for Elephants for book club. Not sure how I am going to fit that one in just yet.

I have been enjoying Apple TV the last week since I have been under the weather. Netflicks has seasion 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey and iTunes has season 3. Season 4 is currently on PBS, so I started taping it (beats waiting for Netflicks or purchasing it on iTunes). It is a period piece set in the early 1900s and examines the lives of an Earl, his family and their servants. I LOVE historical fiction and have been eating this series up. It is great, because there isn't any inappropriate content in it, which means I can curl up on the couch while Calder plays monster trucks and Boone naps and catch an episode! I have been a lazy mom this week trying to feel better!

On Christmas day, Hugh thought he was being funny when he shot a puck into my feet when I wasn't paying attention. It may have been funny had I fallen, but instead the puck just busted off a chuck of plastic at the front of my skate! Luke and Hugh were later thinking my broken skate was still pretty funny, but did concede that it would have been way funnier had I went flying. How loving of them. You can see the missing chunk in this shot.
I was quite put off at the prospect of getting new skates. I didn't want to break in a new pair. I quite liked my hand-me-up skates from Luke (I believe he wore them in grade 3). I wanted to just get a new blade, but Hugh convinced me to at least try on a new pair. New blades aren't cheap and since I wear jr. sizes, the price difference isn't that significant. I thought my original Pump Tacks were great, but in reality the 20 year old wheels needed to be retired. The new skates feel like I am wearing slippers! I didn't realize how terrible my old skates were until I tried on the new ones. Calder and I went out on Monday and tested my new babies out. They rock. So, even though I was quite annoyed at Hugh that I needed new skates, I found myself thanking him for trying to hurt and humiliate me ;-)

Lastly, I hope that this is the last bandaid update I ever post. On Sunday, Hugh came down to the basement with his book. He was going to read while I soaked in an episode of Downton Abbey. As he opened his book he thrust his bookmark toward me and it landed on my knee. Hugh was clearly going for shock value with this stunt and even though I was a bit shocked, I nonchalantly picked up the used bandaid he was using for a bookmark and put it back on his knee. This was THE SAME used bandaid that had found a home on our bedroom wall. Seriously. What is wrong with him? And if that weren't enough, on Monday the boys and I were downstairs playing when I noticed Boone chewing on something. My first thought was that Calder missed picking up a piece of Lego, but no. I guess Hugh had had enough of his bandaid bookmark when it didn't shock me on Sunday, so he ceased using it. The bandaid had made its way to the floor and into Boone's mouth. HOW GROSS!

On that note, Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ummm I look forward to receiving your Christmas letter every year! Don't second guess it. Not even for a second. xoxoxo

  2. You know me: I wouldn't even worry one minute about how that letter would be perceived! Send it Jordan! I like getting Christmas letters: ALL OF THEM (even the really pretentious ones that make the family seem like a super family with no issues). Seriously...I think you need to stop worrying so much about what ONE person might think, because for every one person thinking one thing there is another person thinking the opposite. Cannot please everyone but you can sure as heck please yourself:)It isn't being self centered, it is being practical realizing that the world is a diverse place full of diverse people with different ideas and you cannot possible please everyone so start with the one person you can make happy and the happiness will multiple:)


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