The downside of Christmas

We had a great Christmas. We saw all our family and spent New Years' with a group of great friends. It was a fantastic time, but the moment I realized that the holiday season was over, I got a little bit sad. This isn't something new this year, but for some reason it hit me a little bit harder than other years. Maybe it was because Calder really got it this year and it made it so fun, or maybe it was because I have a few other things weighing on my mind. Whatever the case, last week I found myself with a serious case of post-holiday blues. I was grumpy. I snapped. I wanted to lay in bed all day. I cried. I complained. I ate like crap and spent as much time as I could on the couch*.

Finally, I broke. The full-out meltdown kind. And it helped. Nothing was solved, but just getting it out somehow made it drag me down a little less.

Monday, I began the slow climb out of the hole. I ate better (until a tub of mixed nuts got the best of me before bed). I exercised. I completed tasks that I had been procrastinating for a week. It felt good. Tuesday was even better. I continued checking things off my list and even got some things done on the list that never gets completely checked off (home video work being the #1 culprit on that list).

A couple of things have made my climb out a bit easier. I ran into a good friend, Delayne, at Costco and after we dumped the ups and downs of our Christmas' on each other, I realized that I was not alone in my blues. I would never want anyone to feel sad/angry/annoyed/etc., but it sure is nice to know that I am not alone when I am feeling any of these ways. The second was a conversation I had with another good friend, Kerri, on the phone yesterday. We came up with this plan to help us deal with all the little things that drive us nuts. You know the kind of things like when you ask your spouse for over a week if he could remove the garden hose that he was using to flood the rink from the tub, because you are tired of moving it to bath the boys and he hasn't flooded in weeks. And then, just when you think your nagging has worked and he has done it, you find it 2 days later in your en suite shower. And then 2 weeks after that the hose is still on your en suite floor. You know. Those "kinds" of things. In order to deal I have created a page in My Happiness Project Book titled, "Things That Tick Me Off" and I am going to write down all those things that eat away at me that I need to just let go. I am hoping that the simple task of writing them down will help me clear them from my mind. In order to balance all the potential negativity thats will come spewing from our pens, Kerri and I decided we need to keep track off some of the little things that add to our days. This positive page was titled, "Things That Don't Tick Me Off", but it seemed too negative for all the good stuff, so I changed it to "Things That Make My Days Better." I am going to try and write the same number in each category per day. Hopefully this will help me keep some balance. I also will not be sharing it with anyone after today. . . It will be my private space to vent about whatever is eating at me without fear of feelings getting hurt. Check out yesterday's entry:

Happy Wednesday. I hope that if you are battling post-holiday blues you are fighting back!

*Watched the whole first season of Orange is the New Black on Netflicks. Loved it.


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