I recently read THIS post by The Bloggess and was so compelled by the topic that I began sifting through the comments. It is there that I found THIS Ted Talk by Brene Brown titled "The Power of Vulnerability".

When I set out to watch the talk I was super pumped after reading the summary. Brown studies human connection. I don't know if you remember, but in the months after Tripp died our counsellor suggested Hugh and I really think about what we believe in. After a lot of thought, I realized that the thing I believe in more than anything is that we are all connected and it is those connections that give us fulfillment. I watched the Ted Talk in eager anticipation. I was convinced I would have an "ah-ha" Oprah-style moment. I didn't. In fact, at the end I was disappointed.

Brown started by talking about connection, saying that "It is what gives us purpose and meaning in our lives." I was psyched. Exactly how I feel. She quickly moved on to talk about believing in yourself and being vulnerable. She encouraged people to live with vulnerability and to let ourselves be seen. She actually suggests that being more vulnerable with make us more happy. Being told to be vulnerable wasn't why I started watching the Ted Talk. I get that "vulnerable" is in the title, but I was seriously so pumped about the "connection" in the summary, that I forgot about the vulnerable part. I had planned on watching the Ted Talk and immediately blogging about it. I mean seriously, I was going to have my "ah-ha" moment and share it with y'all*. Instead I walked away from my computer a bit deflated.

In the days following, my mind kept coming back to this idea of vulnerability. At book club that week we talked about Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) and her book. Lawson shares many things with her readers. Many personal things. She opened herself up and as we discussed at book club, it helped us feel a connection to her. I then read THIS blog by Chrissy over and Life with Greyson & Parker. It screamed vulnerability and connection to me. I began thinking about myself and the posts I have written that got the greatest response - they aren't the ones that are funny or contain a dozen pictures - they are the ones that I put myself out there. I almost didn't post In My Prayers. I felt like I might offend people by my words. I guess I may have, but by sharing my inner thoughts, I opened myself up to this incredible conversation. I connected with people about something very real. It made my heart sing.

Thank-you Brene Brown. It took me a while, but I definitely had my "ah-ha" moment.

Happy Wednesday.

*After reading the Bloggess' book I wanted to start using "y'all" while pretending I am from the Southern US. I just love that accent. . . Do you think people from down there read Canadian books and want to start using "eh"?


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