I came across George Saunder's Advice to Graduates via Twitter (you can follow me @jmhammy). It is a great article. Got me thinking when I read it and since I am still thinking about it a couple weeks later, I thought it definitely worth sharing.

When I think back to high school I do have one regret. I didn't stand up for a girl when I should have. I  agreed with some of the things people were saying about her at the time. In fact, I may have even joined in and said a few things myself (and truth be told, I probably did - I just can't remember the details now).

I saw this girl about 5 years after high school and had a great conversation with her. She explained to me how what I did hurt her and I listened. I had regretted my actions and words since the moment they left my mouth. I apologized to her. And apologized again. It felt good, but when I think back to high school the way I treated that girl still makes my stomach feel gross. As great as apologies are they don't wash a slate clean.

The theme of Saunder's speech is to be kind. I really think EVERYONE should read it, so I'm not saying any more than that ;-). Being kind can be easy, like when you holding a door for someone. Being kind can be hard, like when it requires you to put yourself in the line of fire in order to stand up for something or someone you believe in. Sometimes it is hardest to be kind to yourself. . .

Happy Tuesday. Be kind.


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