Color Me Rad - Post-Race Thoughts

Color Me Rad. What can I say? It was not what I expected. I thought there would be paint thrown at you. I got that part. I just didn't think there would be so many people walking. Seriously, I would guessed there would be some people walking, but I would never have guessed that MOST of the people would be walking. I also thought that once the initial pack thinned out there would be room to run, but I was completely wrong. By the time I got near the front of my start wave, I was mixing in with the back with the wave that started before me. The entire race was spent dodging and weaving.

At the 2 km mark I looked around at all the people having fun and realized I was not. I had a cramp and was struggling with having to cut around so many people. I stopped. Took some deep breaths and stretched for a minute. I decided at that moment that it was not the time to even try to get a personal best. My new goal was just to complete the course without any walking and not to elbow anybody who got in my way ;-)

I did not finish the race with a personal best. In fact my Nike + app said I only ran 4.4 km! I did finish it without taking anybody out (which believe me was a triumph!) and I finished it with a smile. I realized that although it wasn't the kind of race I had hoped for, I completed my first official race (if they don't time you is it really a race, though?!).

Once the race was done, I met up with a couple of friends, ate a granola bar and spotted Hugh and the boys. Boone was starving, so I promptly sat down on the grass and fed my screaming babe! I was glad they were able to be there, even though it was so chaotic that they didn't even see me race :-)

Next year I would do it again - which many be surprising - I would just do it for fun, plan on walking most of it, and bring Calder and Hugh and possibly get a few other families to join us.

The next two weeks I am going to really focus on my running. I have my next run on Sept. 28th and would LOVE to have a great run that morning. Happy Monday!


  1. I experienced the same kind of thing when I ran it in July in Edmonton! Definitely for the fun factor more than the race part above all else.
    It would be a fun activity to do as a "group" or team of colleagues from work etc. Motivation factor to just get out & do it for the participation factor!
    Enter another fun run (without the paint) & you'll get more of a race type experience!

  2. Yup. I think I could've written the whole post. I should've tried desparately to find you, because I was so frustrated by the little things and felt bad because I was being lame and not just living the "fun".

    I don't think the course was even 5k either. You're the 3rd person who told me that they only clocked in around 4.4km. Bummer!

    I was annoyed at the start/stop at the beginning and at the mayhem on the course. At one point I was stuck behind a guy who kept body checking his friends in front of me, on the gravel. I was sure that if one of them didn't fall over in front of me and make me trip over them, they were going to get knocked off balance INTO me.

    And I couldn't breath. I liked the hoses... ;)

    Bah. Anyway, now I'm just being negative. Next year will just be for fun, but I'll enjoy the Boogie more, I think!

  3. From the feedback I got from various people, I was surprised at the type of run it was. Not what I would have thought. I think you would have a blast next year if you ran/walked it with Calder. It would be a great first "race" for him! Slower pace, lots of colour :)

    Good Luck on your next run!


  4. Dani, I couldn't breathe either - and I was hacking most of the day. That stuff coated my lungs!

    Chantelle and Jes - agreed. Next time it will be a group with kids! I got a good picture of me running and will share it next week!


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