Boone Update

Since you are all up to speed on Boone's bowel movements, I thought I might let you in on some of the other things Boone is doing that will be much less embarrassing for a future Boone!

At the start of August, Hugh and I gave up trying to keep Boone sleeping on his back. I know that the risk of SIDS increases when babies sleep on their tummy's, but there was just no way of keeping Boone on his back or on his side. As soon as we laid him down he wanted to roll onto his stomach. We had some of those triangle sleep positioners that we used with Calder. We knew that since 2010 they have been declared unsafe, but we didn't know which was worse - sleeping on his stomach or having something in the crib with him while he slept. We had been using the triangle positioners to help keep Boone from rolling, but near the end of July it felt like he wasn't sleeping well because of them.

The moment we took out the positioners and "allowed" Boone to roll over and sleep on his tummy, he began napping WAY longer and sleeping much sounder through the night (I believe these are the exact reasons why they want babies on their backs!). At first he wasn't able to roll from his stomach to his back - which is why we were trying to keep him pinned on his back originally, but a month after he started sleeping on his stomach, he is completely efficient rolling both ways. In fact now, he rarely chooses to sleep on his stomach!

Boone LOVES being carried around! Not a shock after all the love he got at Luke's wedding from family! Boone also LOVES his jolly jumper and will bounce for up to an hour if we let him!

Oh, you are wondering if that is Boone's thumb in his mouth. Yes. It. Is. A little over a week ago Boone turned into a thumb sucker. Boone would never take a soother - he just wouldn't hold it in his mouth - but his thumb, now that is a whole new ball game. He is in control of holding it in there and he LOVES it! The moment we lay Boone in his bed, he pops his thumb in, rolls onto his side and goes immediately to sleep. Boone will also pop his thumb in his mouth on occassion when he is sad, hurt, or tired. He never sucks it for more than about 10 seconds when he is out of his crib and we will do our best to keep it that way. We don't mind if he sucks for some comfort, but both Hugh and I feel there is no need to suck just to suck. So far this hasn't been an issue, but you will see us pull his thumb out of his mouth if this starts to happen!

Boone has just started to take note of us when we are eating this week. He is a couple week away from the 6 month mark, so we'll see where he's at then. I am in no hurry to give him solids (and not just because of the infrequency of his bowel movements)! He is thriving drinking breast milk and if he isn't all that interested, I am not going to force solids on him (Calder was NOT ready to eat at 6 months. I tried and tried with him and it wasn't until he was over 7 months that he actually began eating something. That was way too much work and I won't be going down that road again!)

Boone started sitting on his own right before Luke's wedding. He was a couple days over 5 months. About a week later he could sit up for extended periods of time unsupported (sometimes even more than 15 minutes!). He has only had a couple of spills - I think his big belly keeps his center of gravity very low! Ha!  I had mixed feelings about Boone's new accomplishment. It is always exciting when your kids to gain new skills, but I love having a baby and sitting up feels like the first thing he has done to move into becoming a toddler. That being said, Boone has started doing a bit of army crawling this week and taken the next step toward becoming a toddler. He doesn't get far, but he is definitely getting himself to those toys just out of reach!   Seriously kid. Slow down! There is no hurry to grow up!

Boone continues to be our happy baby and is a dream to take out in public. If there is action going on around him he is completely content!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Just so you know...I had two tummy sleepers. It was always a fight to get them on their backs....I did some research and found out that umma sleeping SIDS risk is only 2% higher than back sleeping. So once they started rolling on their own, I let them sleep on their tummies. P,s. research now suggests that SIDS is primarily caused by an inner ear problem....

    Amazing what you learn when you ask the doctor for papers on the subject....

  2. I did a lot of internet reading about SIDS when Boone started wanting to sleep on his tummy. There was nothing about an inner ear problem. Very interesting! Most of it talked about being possibly related to sleep apnea. Boone is now able to roll back, so my fears have subsided. All we can do is put him down on his back!


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