Race Day

Saturday is my race at Elk Ridge. I am feeling nervous, but I don't have the same expectations I did when I ran Color Me Rad. . .

For some reason before Color Me Rad I thought that even in a race I would be able to find some space and just run. I pictured myself running and it looking EXACTLY like it does when I go for a run at home. Me and a bunch of wide open space. What was I thinking? I don't think this race will be as crazy as running Color Me Rad, but I am preparing myself to be running along side other people! Hopefully this will prevent me from feeling like elbowing anyone!

Then when I got to Color Me Rad I forgot how hard it is to run. For some reason I thought there would be adrenaline flowing and I would just find a groove and be gone. I actually imagined it being easy. Even though there might be a bit of adrenaline flowing on Saturday, I am still going to have to pump my short little legs, force oxygen into my lungs and repeat to myself over and over "I can do this" just like I do EVERY OTHER TIME I run!

Lastly, I really got myself hung up on getting a personal best at Color Me Rad. I do have a goal to finish this race under 30 minutes, but my personal best of 29:12 may be broken another day. It is going to be the coldest I have ever ran in and there might be hills. . . and I haven't ran on any change of incline since August at the lake (Martensville is Flat - yes with a capital F - and no, I don't want to run up mini mountain to mix it up).

I think with my new set of expectations I will be able to have fun - or at least I hope I'll be able to!


  1. Elk ridge is definitely hilly. Tough course. Good luck. Enjoy the fall colours.

  2. It's enough to make finishing the race the goal. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Good luck!

  3. Hope it went well!! :) Can't wait to hear how you did! :) I'm sure it'll be better than CMR! :)

  4. Thank-you Anonymous for letting me know about the course and reminding me to enjoy the scenery! I needed to hear those things before and a couple of times had to remind myself to soak it in while running. So glad you commented!

    Dianne, I also needed the reminder to not put too much pressure. I actually enjoyed the run even when I knew I wasn't going to get a pb.

    Dani - WAY better than CMR!


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