Color Me Rad . . Pre-Race Thoughts

I have my first EVER race on Saturday. I am a bit nervous. I know I can run 5 km, so that takes away some of the anxiety. I am just not sure what to expect with such a large group of people. I don't do big groups that well! I am the one at a large function who only leaves the table to go to the bathroom (Hugh is in charge of getting me drinks ;-)) I also like the comfort of my songs and Nike + app and I am not sure if they are good things to be wearing during this colorful race.

I have ran 5 km five times so far. The last two were this past week and I ran them in 29:12 and 28:48. I am getting more consistent and this is giving me confidence. I would like to have a goal for Saturday, but I don't know if it is possible to get a personal best at an event like Color Me Rad.

Running is still hard. The hardest part is getting out. The next hardest part is actually running! It is amazing how my mind likes to make excuses for me once I get going and how it tries to convince myself it is okay to wimp out! I have actually found the last few runs have been better in this regard. I have stopped trying to run first thing in the morning. I HATED it. I have also found that since I am more confident that I can complete the distance I have chosen (from having done it multiple times before), I am less likely to even try to convince myself to wimp out. I guess I am getting better :-)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Take your phone in your pouch. I have an extra pair of cheap ear pieces that can turn any colour and I don't care. You will feel tons of adrenaline and the true "competitive you" will come out. You can expect to hit your PB! You are well prepared. Dont' run today and only do 500m to 1km lightly tomorrow. When do you run, I want to come watch!


  2. At supper I was telling Hugh I was tired and didn't feel like running. He suggested I read my blog - Pumped to see I SHOULDN'T!

    I am also wondering if there is anything in the pre-race regime that says I should eat chips and drink a pop while watching t.v. 2 nights before the big day?!?

  3. Way to conquer your inner weasel, Jordan! Good luck with the race!

  4. Start at the back of the crowd and let the people who want to bust out of the start line go and do their thing. Run with one ear bud in so you can hear what's going on around you. Have a good sleep the night before and pee before you run (: Most of all, have FUN and good luck! You will do great! The finish line will feel amazing!

    ~ Erin V

  5. Good luck Jordan! I think the race will be a ton of fun and I know you'll enjoy it.
    I just did my first 5km race a few weeks ago and it helped boost my confidence, just knowing I could do it.


  6. You will ROCK it. Seriously- You will absolutely love it.

    And you will likely get a PB simply because of the energy you will find tomorrow! And then you can stand and wait for hours and hours and hours for me to come strolling over the finish line WAYYYYYYYYY behind you. Because I haven't run 5 k since Bee. Whoops.

    But I better see your beautiful face tomorrow. ;) I'll hide from the crowds with you too; we can stare at each other when people get to be too much. (until go time and then you can just get in your groove, and I'll start huffing and puffing behind you...)


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