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Glennon over at Momastary did something really great last week to help 4 kids in need. She started a donation flash mob to raise funds to help some families who could really use it. The maximum donation accepted was $25 and you even get a tax reciept! Read about the kids HERE. Read about the results HERE. Very incredible!

Kelly over at Enjoying the Small Things is helping to create more awareness for Down Syndrome. She is working with the National Down Syndrome Society and has made t-shirts with proceeds going to the society. The t-shirts say, "Teach me to soar and I will." They are really cute! We know and love an adorable little girl with an extra chromosome, so this cause feels VERY close to home. I always see pictures of her with her family on Facebook participating in events to support Down Syndrome. We live WAY to far away and never get to join them, so these t-shirts feel like a really good way to support them. And on top of that, I hope that their positive message starts lots of conversations when Calder and Boone are wearing them. Read about it HERE.

Jenny over at The Bloggess has written another hilarious post. When I first read it I immediately thought to Beyonce, the metal chicken she blogged about in the summer after Tripp died. I had so many giggles when she posted about Beyonce - not to mention tons of fun when a couple of my own Beyonces showed up - that I just had to share this one. If you liked Beyonce, you will definitely like her newest adventure. Read about it HERE. And if you like both of these you MUST read her book! It is laugh-out-loud funny.

Lastly, over at the Huffington Post, Kelly MacLean has shared her insight on a hot yoga class. Hugh discovered this post through Facebook yesterday and was laughing out loud last night as he read it. It is really good and if you need a laugh, it should do the trick! Read it HERE.

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  1. Definitely thought of you and hoped you were reading the bear post also!


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