First Day of Pre-School

Calder has his first week of pre-school under his belt. I thought I would finish off the week with a few of the pictures from his first day.

Can't have a photo session without a funny face!
Calder was a bit anxious when we got there. Most of the kids strolled into the classroom (some having done pre-school the year before), but Calder wanted me to come with him. We got him his name tag from his teacher's helper and when I asked him if I could go, he said, "No." Ha! I saw his good buddy, Emery pull up a chair at one of the tables and by the time I suggested to Calder that he sit down beside her, he let me know that it was okay if I left. I am so glad Emery was there!

I actually had zero emotions about this first and it took me until Emery's mom asked me today how I did to realize that I didn't have any! I think my lack of emotion is because pre-school fits more in the daycare category to me than into the school category. He has been going to daycare for 3 years and this didn't feel any different. I will save the tears for next year when he hops on the bus and heads to school for the full day! Oh, and I will cry then. I am quite confident in that!

Happy Friday!


  1. LOVE those curls... man he's got great hair! :)

    Too bad about that backpack though... ;)

  2. Hahahaha! He just LOVES Sidney Crosby! After Christmas he had a major melt down with me when I told him we wouldn't be able to go down to Pittsburgh and visit Sidney. He couldn't quite grasp that we didn't actually know him!


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