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Boone strung 3 words together for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I challenged him to a race to his bedroom to change his diaper. As he crossed the threshold of the door he proclaimed, "beat you, Mama".  He isn't going to be competitive at all.
Calder has started soccer. We let him pick the spring sport he wanted to do, but I won't lie and say we were thrilled. Now, don't get me wrong. Soccer is a great sport. Ball is just greater ;-). Calder is playing 6U. I wish he was in 8U. He is so competitive and athletic. He just doesn't fit in well with that group (there are actually even a couple of kids on his team that haven't turned 4 yet).  This week he actually mowed a kid right over trying to get the ball. It wasn't on purpose - just Calder being Calder. Regardless, he is having fun. That being said, at this week's game he asked Hugh who was on the sideline where Boone was. When Hugh told Calder that Boone was over climbing on the play structure, Calder asked if he could go too. Hugh told him no and Calder pleaded, "come oooooooonnn". After that game I asked Calder what he like better, hockey or soccer and he stated hockey. I then asked him what he liked better soccer or playing ball in the yard at Grandma Fritshaw's and he said ball. I could barely contain myself!

We bought a cabin at Kipabiskau!  We are so excited. It is in the back row a few down from my parent's cabin (who are on the front row). We took possession yesterday and are heading there on Saturday. I am not doing a lot of posting these days, but you can bet there will be a post on the cabin in the coming weeks. Calder is absolutely thrilled. He has been packing for the last 3 weeks. Honestly, he has cleared out almost a third of his toys to head to the lake. Thankfully we have the space in the cabin (the loft will be their playroom).
Hugh has the countdown on. I think now that Buck Fifty Acres has their crop in and the May weekend is upon us, it feels like summer is nearing. I likely would have the countdown on as well at this point. It is just be a little over a month away from final exams, now that I think about it. Yikes. Glad I'm not at school, but I do love the last few weeks of a semester (but not the report card comments).

Have a great May Long weekend!!


  1. yay for ball and competitive little munchkins. I wish Willis was in the age group higher for baseball.

  2. A CABIN!!! CONGRATS! That's so so exciting! :) Your own space will be lovely! :)

    I think it's perfectly acceptable to cheer out loud when your favourite sport is deemed worthy by your kids. I cheer anyway, when hockey is Brynlee's choice.

    .. though she hasn't really been exposed to much else. Whoops.

    Enjoy your weekend! :)

  3. I actually thought about Willis and his ball - wondering if that might be the case with him as well! Not surprised to hear that it is, Deena!

    Dani, that is hilarious. And true. I am already thinking we won't put Boone into Blastball/Soccer and just take him to ball! LOL


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