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Morning Stroll

On Monday afternoon I got some anxiety. Hugh had forgotten to tell me he needed the van for work. I had all 3 kids at home with me on Tuesday and the days when we don't leave the house, I often lose my mind about 4:00 pm. I had planned on taking the kids to the city in the morning, but since that wasn't possible anymore I had to reassess my options. 

It didn't take me long to plan a bike/stroll around Martensville. We left the house after Lawson's feed (around 9 am). I walked, but threw in a few brief jogs. My legs were NOT liking those, but obviously needed them! Calder loves the play structure at the ball diamonds, because they have some unique monkey bars (his favourite thing to do these days), so that's where we headed. Thankfully we had forgotten Boone's run bike at the lake, so I pushed the two little ones. Boone LOVES that bike, but doesn't glide on it yet. He just walks with it between his legs. Very. Slowly. 

After hitting the play structure for about half an hour, Calder started talking about playing ball. He actually wanted to ride his bike back to the house to get his glove, bat and balls. I can't believe I didn't think of throwing them in the stroller when we left the house. My goal was to do as much ball as possible with Calder so he tosses soccer to the side and here I missed an excellent opportunity to let him crush a few home runs! LOL

We didn't have any ball equipment, but that didn't stop Boone and Calder from from running around the field. Calder took off down the right field fence line and about half way to the corner, Boone started to follow him. Calder followed the fence line to about right-centre and cut back toward the plate. Boone momentarily paused to watched Calder. I assumed Boone would follow suit and start heading towards home. Nope. He kept on trucking along the fence line. He passed the point that Calder headed in, then cruised past centre field. Boone went all the way to the left field corner before following the fence line toward home plate. He only had one little hiccup on the home stretch. He toe picked twice within about 12 seconds, but both times got up and continued on. It was amazing. It made my legs burn just watching him! He has Hugh's endurance. There is no doubt about that! Unfortunately, I think poor Calder has mine. After seeing me praise Boone for his incredible effort, Calder took off again down the right field fence line. This time he made it to centre field before heading to home. I am pumped his competitive nature pushed him to try again. And Calder please consider this my formal apology for passing my terrible stamina on to you. 

At that point I convinced the boys that we should find some shade and have a snack. Lawson had started to cry and we needed to get the Chariot moving again.

Calder went ahead on his bike and scouted out the perfect spot. The boys were pumped to find a juice box when I pulled out the snack bag. I managed to get Calder to eat half a muffin, but Boone took a measly two bites of apple. Boone much preferred to suck the air out of his empty juice box than eat the healthy snacks I brought. I ate the second apple I had packed and might have had one of the bananas, but Calder accidentally stepped on both of them. I will be making banana muffins with them later this week. 

Calder, Boone and I had a wonderful morning, We pulled into the house at about 11 am, just in time for Lawson's feed and to get lunch ready (Boone ideally naps around 12 pm). We will definitely be having more Martensville adventures this summer. There are a couple more parks I want to hit with them and I seriously need to think about getting back into shape.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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