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We have moved into our summer home! It took a lot of work and a lot of help. Thanks to Luke for helping getting the truck packed and my mom and dad for the unpacking, setting up, and watching the kids! We had a garage full of stuff, so we rented a 24 foot U-Haul truck! It is already half empty here!

The front room is my favourite space in the cabin. It is so bright and spacious. The cabin isn't an open concept. . .  Hugh and I were a bit sad at first about the living room being all the way to the back of the cabin, but on Monday morning when we were having coffee with company, it sure was nice to have the kids a LONG way away! We could actually have a conversation :-)

What do you think of the mint walls? My dad likes them. Me, not so much. Unfortunately, painting them is going to be a serious job. This part of the cabin has the A-frame roof and the mint goes all the way down the hall (which Hugh is calling the green mile).

Hugh and I have a long list of projects. Some are more pressing than others (like the water issue we are having. . .we only have cold water to the hot water tank and toilet and don't have hot water to the tub). I really want to put painting near the top of the non-priority list. I really think it will change the entire feel of this space, but it is a big job, so we'll see.
We are missing a fireplace in the living room. It is on our to-get list. You can't have a cabin without a wood burning stove :-)  The walls look so bare in this space, but honestly, decorating is not my thing, so they may be bare for a while. I am actually thinking that I will take a ton of photos of us this summer and get some blown up to adorn our walls. This way they could be updated (or not) and will be filled with lake memories. Already making me a bit jittery with excitement! How do you like the paint in this room? More of a sage green this time! The paint in here will eventually get changed as well, but not for a year or two. Behind that door is a bedroom that will be knocked out once we have the lower level complete (This cabin was lifted up and there is a HUGE garage and storage room underneath . . . Neither of which we need, so eventually a mudroom, bathroom, and bedrooms will be going down there . . . . Hugh is so pumped for the project!).

Boone and Calder had an amazing time this past weekend. Calder learned how to play Super Nintendo and Boone fell in the lake (after Calder encouraged him to lean over the edge of the dock to reach something out of the water). Lawson slept amazing. Including naps in the open loft! What more could we ask for?! Both boys have already been asking when we are heading back to the lake to see Grandma and Papa (Boone can say Grandma, but just calls Grandpa, Papa!).
Lawson's playpen is behind the partition
Martensville has their annual garage sale weekend coming up. I don't have a lot of stuff on my to get list (having gotten so much stuff from my parents, sister, brother, and a couple of friends), but I still have a few things on my list and you never know what I could find that peaks my interest!

I will post more on the cabin in the coming weeks. Not that you likely care. . . . But we are REALLY excited about it ;-)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. HOLY SMOKES!! I care... what an amazing cabin!! WOW!!!

    In that room, with the photo ideas: I think I'd do exactly what you said... but I'd add one every year. Like Grad Photos in the hallways of a school... just start at one end- add a family picture of you guys at (or in! ;)) the lake every year! Get it printed on a canvas and watch your family grow! WOW!

    Looks incredible! :)

  2. Fabulous idea, Dani!!!! I am definitely doing that!

  3. YAYAYAYAYA, so excited for this and even more excited to come for a visit!! You should do an instagram wall with some of the gems you've captured....OR I'll make some photoshopped art of Hugh in weird poses...oh wait, you have those already. Ya, frame those!

  4. oh my gosh how fun! How far away is this from your other home? So fun! How long will you be here for?

  5. Great idea using instagram photos, Deena. I was actually looking into making them into a book if I stick with the monthly challenges.

    Sarah this is about 2.5 hours from our house. My husband is a principal and I am a teacher, so we will be there for a good chunk of the summer. We are so lucky!

  6. Congrats you guys! How exciting for your whole family! Your kids get to grow up with the awesome memories that we all share!!

  7. Congratulations! Very exciting. I look forward to the posts and pictures.


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