How Tent Caterpillars Almost Killed Hugh

 On Sunday evening I spotted this mass on one of our trees. Hugh and I can't figure out how we didn't notice it earlier. We were in the yard all day and I was even digging some plants out around this tree. It was so gross. I had the hebegebees (no clue how to spell that and apparently neither does spellcheck). Thankfully our neighbours had a solution - hot water and dish soap. Our neighbours also had a dispenser for the soap that hooked up to the hose. Hugh gave everything a good spray and we hoped for the best.

On Monday night we forgot to spray again. Oops. So on Tuesday afternoon when the boys and I were outside we saw hundreds of them dispersed through all 6 trees along our fence. I couldn't wait for Hugh to come home. I grabbed the spray bottle we use to wet Calder's hair and added some warm soapy water to it. I also grabbed another bottle from my supply closet. I knew I was in for major fights if I headed outside and required the boys to share. I emptied out what was left of the Baby Oxi Clean into a glass and set it on the counter. I then headed outside and the boys and I did some serious damage to the growing population of Tent caterpillars in our backyard.

Strangely enough, I felt kind of sad watching the insects squirm under the suds. I then felt ridiculous for having sympathy for an insect.

As a side note, if I ever need to entertain Boone outside, I will just fill up a spray bottle. I couldn't get that thing out of his hands when all the reachable caterpillars were annihilated. He wanted to spray other bugs, trucks, and random pieces of debris that looked liked bugs. Boone played with that thing for at least 45 minutes. 

After the boys and I finished our massacre, I phoned Hugh to let him know what went down and that it was an absolute must that he borrow our neighbour's dispenser and spray the tops of all our trees.

On to the part where Hugh almost died. . .

At suppertime, Calder and Boone requested drinks and Hugh got up to pour them. He sat back down at the table with milk for the boys and a glass of water for me. I immediately tensed up when he handed me the glass. While making supper I instinctively went to reach for the glass of Oxi Clean sitting by the sink. It was a crystal clear liquid and I was craving some water.  I immediately thought about how bad that could have been and decided to clear the dishes out of the sink and pour the Oxi Clean down the drain. Better to waste some product that to accidentally drink it.

Back at the table, I quickly asked Hugh where he got the glass and he said it was on the counter. I pushed it to the side and said I couldn't drink it because it was the remaining bit of Oxi Clean from the bottle we used to suds up the Tent Caterpillars. Hugh looked at me with horror and proclaimed he had already drank that glass.

"WHAT?!?!" I burst out laughing.  Oops.

Seriously, the man drank a whole glass of Oxi Clean and didn't even notice. He then said it tasted a bit funny, but he just chugged it.

I felt bad. I really should have dumped that glass out, but I had gotten distracted and forgotten to do it. Unfortunately, Hugh may not have been able to see how truly sorry I was because I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING.

Hugh headed to the bathroom to try and puke it up. When that didn't work, we called the health line. After some investigation the nurse said that he would either vomit it up or be gassy for the evening. She then told him to wait an hour or so before he tried to eat anything. We were very lucky it was the baby formula. Apparently, it could have been really bad news if it was the regular version. Hugh didn't puke and as for the gassy part - who knows if he had Oxi Clean farts or just his regular kind! LOL

Hugh accused me of trying to "off" him for the cash. We had just updated our life insurance policies the day before. LOL. I maybe shouldn't be even posting this story. If Hugh has any arch nemesis' I just gave them the perfect way to eliminate him. Leave a glass on the counter. He WILL drink it.


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