April's Instagram

My friend, Deena, has been doing monthly photo challenges on Instagram. I'm not exactly sure who started it, but for April Deena and another friend created a list of words or phrases. The idea is that you find something in your day to represent that word. I didn't post everyday, but I got a kick out of thinking about it and enjoyed seeing all the postings of my participating friends. Here are a select few from the month!

 Happy Friday!


  1. LOVED these photos, love them even more now that I understand where they're inspiration is coming from! :)

    The blowout was my favourite. :)

  2. Dani, you should join in. I posted May's words on my Instagram!

  3. I would love for someone to explain instagram to me....it seems interesting and I want to join. I just don't really understand how it works!

    p>S Your kids are adorable as ever!

  4. Kelly, it is kind of like FB, but you only post pictures. There are no links to articles, advertisements, or seeing posts that your friends are commenting on. Your feed consists of only the photos your friends post. You can comment or like the photos just like FB.


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