Lawson Update - 3 Months

I will start with our most exciting news. Shortly after Lawson it the 2 month mark she started consistently getting up after 6 am. Yes. We are very fortunate. I think we can chalk up her prolonged sleeping to our routine and the kind of baby Lawson is, but it didn't hurt that we worked really hard for the first two months keeping to a routine similar to what The Baby Whisperer suggests and recognizing that naps need to be more than an hour.  Lawson typically feeds between 9 pm and 10 pm and then goes straight through. It is glorious (as my sister would say). In fact that last two weeks Lawson has been getting up after 7:30 am everyday and sometimes I have to wake her at 8 am to get our day going. Feel free to hate me a bit. Lawson does great with her morning nap. Again, the last two weeks she has been sleeping for around 3 hours during this block. I wouldn't typically let her go this long, but she has great nights, so until that changes I will let her be the guide. The afternoons are hit and miss. . . usually miss, though. And suppertime to bedtime are bad. Lots of crying and little sleeping. Feel free to tell me to zip it. She does sleep through the night. Poor Hugh. He typically only sees her in the evening and it's her worst time of day! I have to convince him somedays that she really is a sweetheart!
This is as close as I've gotten to snapping a picture of a smile. She seriously is tight with them! . . . . Well, I also haven't been great with the camera. I will take a bit of the blame here. . . . I guess.
Lawson also started to coo more when she hit the 2 month mark. She also started to give us a few more grins. I will say she is a bit tight with them (taking after big brother, Calder) and doesn't coo much. Calder insists that he can make her laugh, but I think we have two different definitions of what laughing sounds like!

Lawson seems strong. She likes to be held so that she is standing up and holds her head up nicely when sitting with support. She rolled over a few times at 6 weeks. Felt like a fluke, but she has done it the last couple of days, so I will now officially say she is rolling over front to back.

Nursing continues to chug along. It still isn't a smooth road. Even since we got Lawson's tongue tie resolved, she still does a lot of smacking. I honestly can't imagine a louder breastfeeder than her. Boone did some smacking at the start of the feed when he was her age. I had SO much milk and a fast let down. Once that initial rush passed, Boone would settle in and feed normally. Not Lawson. She smacks the entire feed. The lactation consultant (we've been 3 times) thinks it has to do with her tongue tie, so we are going to a speech pathologist to get another opinion and hopefully some exercises to do with her to help. I don't mind the noise. . . the pain that can come along with it is what I could do without!

Lawson is quite a content little girl, as my Grandma Fritshaw said on the weekend.

And for a mom who isn't particularly a fan of pink . . . . I sure did capture her wearing a lot of it!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. LUCKY!!! I hope our next is as good of a sleeper!
    she's so so cute!

  2. Oh man, I'm glad she sleeps for you. You need a sleeper... so that YOU can heal up too!! I think you deserve it after all you've been through post-partum!!

    She looks adorable in all the pink, from one pink-averse mom to another... :) (I don't HATE pink... I just LIKE other colours more... ;))


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