Mother's Day

Our family is complete and there is some satisfaction in that as I reflect this Mother's Day. It has been a difficult road for me, and although my family doesn't look like the picture I had in my mind before I became a mother, I certainly am thankful for all 4 of my children.

It is on a day like this that I especially wish Tripp could be with me. . . I miss him always, but it seems to hurt more on holidays.

I am excited to get a picture of the three kids taken by Tripp's tree. It will be Lawson's first picture there (but not her first visit). I really like this tradition. I am going to be so pleased when I look back at pictures 20 years from now and get to see how the kids and that tree have grown.

The top photo is at the Mother's Day lunch at Calder's school. I brought the two of us sushi. It was a lot of fun. Lawson looks like a crank, but she honestly only squawked when I went to take the picture. The bottom photo is from last week. Boone and I were doing some serious colouring. Please note the pink and green on my face. Boone is a wild man when armed with a marker!

Happy Mother's Day. And special hugs for all the moms whose angels aren't with them and those of you whose moms have angel wings.


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