What I'm wearing today

Here is today's outfit. To top is from Bliss in Tisdale, shoes Le Chateau (I get so many compliments on them), necklace Ricki's (it is green - hard to tell the color in this picture).

Deena has joined a style challenge and has inspired me to do the same. It costs $10 and you receive a list of 18 items and 21 outfits to make with those items. Apparently, there should be lots of things in our closet already on the list of 18 items, so hopefully only a handful of purchases to nab to complete the list. I was completely intrigued and even if I don't style each outfit the same as the stylist, I am hoping to be inspired. You can check it out HERE. It is from the blog Get Your Pretty On. Let me know if you join! I am excited :-)

Calder likes my heels almost as much as I do. This is a picture of him this morning. He actually pulls my heels out every couple of days and tromps around the house. I like heels because they make me tall and feel pretty. Calder likes them because them make him tall and are REALLY loud!


  1. I want those shoes. I'm also pumped for some new ideas in this challenge.

  2. I LOVE the shoes. When I went back to work after Cooper I became a shoe person and often make them the focus of my outift. If you havnen't already, get a pair of leopard print shoes, flat or heels, you'll get lots of use of them to!

  3. Admit it.. you like that they make you sound like a teacher too... :) ;)

    <3 You look fantastic! Great work with the style! :)

  4. I think I am turning into a shoe person too! And Dani, I LOVE that I sound like a teacher! Ha!


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