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We think Boone is saying his first word. It is "eye". Whenever I am done nursing him before bed, Boone lays on my lap and I point out all the parts of his face. Boone has started pointing at my eye and saying "Ahhh". I was hoping this was just a bit of a fluke. His first word can't be "eye". How weird! But as it turns out, he is saying it fairly consistently and as much as I want "mama" to be his first word, "eye" it is! As strange as Boone's first word is, in the last two weeks, I have heard two babies Boone's age whose first words were, "Let It Go" from the song of the same name found in the movie Frozen! Too Funny!

Calder has loved riding his bike the last few weeks. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten out that much. It is snowing as I write this! His favourite place to ride is right at the edge of the sidewalk on the street. The reason this is is favourite spot is that right now there is always a stream of water there. Calder has ridden down entire blocks in this sweet spot! Calder has become an expert at stripping down at the door. If he doesn't come in entirely soaked, he is full of sand and mud from digging outside! As messy as this time of year is, it sure is fun!

Hugh and I have done a lot of spring cleaning this week. It has felt good to get a few closets and the utility room cleaned up. We have a big pile of stuff to add to our neighbour's garage sale. We won't make much money, but hopefully enough to buy a case of beer to share with them when we are done! I have felt quite productive this break. It has been so relaxing. I wish the weather had been a bit nicer, but we have done our best to as many fun indoor activities with the boys as possible. Hopefully by next weekend we will have some sunshine to start doing some work in our yard!

We still have some things to get to on our list this weekend. . . Painting over our height wall  and remarking the heights is one of them. If you look carefully you will see a couple of strange things. The first is Calder 2.0. When Calder was two and a half, we measured his height. I had heard from a couple of my students who had attended the Human Performance Center at the University of Saskatchewan that boys' adult heights double from their heights at age age 2.5 (girls from age 2). We thought it would be fun to mark that height to see if it held true for Calder. A few weeks ago, Hugh added Calder's 5 year old height and Boone's 1 year old height. He wanted to add Calder's 2 year old height, so I pulled out the baby book to grab the measurement. Hugh grabbed the sharpie and promptly wrote Calder's age as 2.0. Calder got quite a kick out of this. Like he was the upgraded version of himself. He kept repeating, "Calder two point O." The next thing out of whack is the fact that there are two Calder's at age 5. Calder pulled a fast one on Hugh and was standing on his toes the first time they measured! The numbers on the growth chart are from Word To The Wall. There is also a saying that comes with it that says, "Watch Me Grow". You just can't see it in my picture. This wall is at the top of our stairs. We proudly display all these heights, not because it matters how tall our kids are, but because we are so happy that they are healthy and growing. Almost every kid that comes to our house will back up to the wall to see how tall they are. Most of them just want to see how tall they are and don't even bother to compare to how tall Calder is. I love it. They are growing and proud of it, too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. I need this somewhere in writing, because I'm sure in years from now Hugh will be denying this. A couple of days ago we took our boater's license. It took 6 hours on the computer. It was brutal. Some of the stuff you have to know is ridiculous (like what kind of markers are used in a port) and the coursework you had to go through does not even include all the information needed for the exam. I would have dozen's of parents calling my classroom if I ever provided coursework and an assessment that were so poorly matched! Anyways, on to the part Hugh will deny at some point. I was getting sick of all the work, so once the test came on I starting rolling through the answers. I ended up getting 98% on the exam. Hugh was a much better student writing his exam, but for the record, he only got 90%!


  1. Brynlee's first word was Eyes too!! :) Crazy kids... :)

    I also beat Danton on the boaters exam.. but likely only because I had watched both Danton and his dad take the test prior to my turn. :s The exam was insanely intense. I will not, nor would I want to, ever operate a boat in anything larger than a Saskatchewan lake! :s :)

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