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If this is your first time to my blog, WELCOME! I am excited to be participating in the Style Challenge and so glad Deena organized us linking our blogs. Just a little background (in case you were interested!) I am a wife to Hugh and mother to Calder, Tripp, and Boone. I spend my days in my classroom teaching high school math in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and my evenings and weekends are spent chasing my boys.

For my regular readers who may have forgotten for the style challenge, I got a list of 18 items and for the next 21 days I get a daily outfit to put together using those items.

Day 1 (Monday) - Jean jacket, button down, white jeans and leopard print flats
I substituted a navy cardigan for a jean jacket. I couldn't find a jean jacket I liked and didn't want to get one that I wouldn't wear. Found the navy cardigan at the Gap for $6, so I couldn't go wrong. I am always cold, so it will get lots of wear. I don't entirely get jean jackets. I feel like in order for them to look nice, they need to be small enough to shape to you and in order for this to happen you need to purchase them so small they basically don't do up. Now, if they don't do up, how do you stay warm? They are too bulky to fit under a summer coat. It makes me cold just thinking about wearing one. Also, I looked like Sponge Bob Square pants in everyone I tried on. Well actually, I looked like his cousin, Sponge Jordan Rectangular top. My pants are not white. They are a pale blue with grey stitching and are from the Gap. I could not find any white jeans that fit nicely and were not see through. I feel very comfortable and confident in these pants, which is not what I would say about any of the white pants I tried on. The button up shirt is from Old Navy and the shoes are Geox from Town Shoes.  Deena told me last night that her jean jacket is soft and stretch and feels like wearing a sweater. I am keeping my eyes peeled for one like that. Much more my style. 

Day 2 (Tuesday) - Skinny jeans, button down, boyfriend cardigan, statement necklace, nude flats
To be honest, I was quite disappointed when I saw day 2's outfit. Alison (the woman running the challenge) said that pieces would have to repeat (but no more than 4 times each) and I was prepared for that. I just didn't think she would put something like the button down two days in a row. Repeating shoes back-to-back seems like no big deal, but I didn't like the repetition of a shirt back-to-back. Alison had offered a substitution of a white t-shirt, but that was also on the list of 18 items, so I expected to see that other days and didn't want to wear it. I was thankful that when I was shopping for back to work clothes with Deena I picked up a white button down from the Gap. I really like how it looks with the bright orange cardigan (also from the Gap). The cardigan looks a bit coral in this picture, but I assure you it is all out florescent orange. I substituted navy skinnies (Vera Modo - the Bay) for the jeans, because I don't like wearing jeans on non-Fridays. I also paired them with my nude wedges (Nine West). I like a heel and I had worn flats the day before. I think my new favourite pairing is a button down and cardigan. I love how it looks and definitely need to thank Alison for that. I found that when I had the shirt untucked it looked bulky with the cardigan, which is when I have the shirt tucked in with both outfits.

I have linked up with some other Style Challenge bloggers. You will recognize Deena at the top! Check out all the outfits we have put together!

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Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm in love with the orange cardigan and might need to go pick it up!

  2. both outfits are adorable on you! I'm loving the orange cardigan too.
    My husband is very quickly going to dislike this "link up" because I want to go buy all the clothes everyone else has :)

  3. OH I love your orange cardigan! You need to remove your no-rely-blogger on your blog so I can email you back! :) Love your teal striped button up too. And I actually laughed out loud at your Sponge Jordan Rectangular, hilarious, you know you're a mom when...

  4. Both outfits are super cute! And I love how you subbed the sweater for the denim jacket! Looks great!

  5. You are amazing! Thanks for all the tips... I love that you mention where you got everything too- just so I can keep my eyes pealed! :)

  6. Love both your outfits! I have to try tucking in the button down...looks super cute with the skinny belt!!

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  8. I love how young you've made this outfit look! I feel so frumpy wearing the BF cardigan, and you make it so stylish. Love the rolled sleeves, too. So cute!

  9. Your looks are adorable, Jordan! Love them both - causal and put together! Definitely want to read more about your story and how you are moving forward in life. Blessings to you friend!


  10. Hi Jordan! I thought I should get over and check out your blog since you all are being so nice and letting me link up with you for the Style Me Challenge. Love all your outfits - you look so cute! Your boys are adorable. Looking forward to reading more. :)


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