Style Me Challenge

Day 10 - Bright Cardigan, Stripped Tee, Boyfriend Jeans, Leopard Flats
I am starting to feel a bit more comfortable in my boyfriend jeans (American Eagle). The more they bag out the more I like them. In fact, I may never wash them! Ha! I also like that they aren't distressed. I feel like they work for a more casual work look for me since they aren't.  I am also loving the 3 bright cardigans I bought (Gap). They make any outfit feel more springy!

Day 11 - Button Down, Skinny Jeans, Nude Flats, Scarf
Day 12 - Maxi Skirt, Bright Tank, Neutral Cardigan, Wedges

I posted my 4 button down options the night before on our Style Me Challenge Facebook page. It was pretty close between the coral, stripped, and pink, but the pink won out! I am really loving that scarf more and more (Gap). The popover is from last year (Old Navy). I bought it this time last year when I had some baby weight to lose and it is a bit too big now. I was glad to see that when I tucked it it, you can't tell! Jeans are Buffalo and shoes are from Target.

I am still not entirely comfortable with the maxi skirt. I also didn't have a white cardigan, so I flipped the colours and wore a white tee (Gap) with a bolder cardigan (Joe). I sent Deena a few options. She like them all, so I went with this! I don't like the boyfriend cardigan with the maxi skirt on me. I felt like it needed something shorter, so that really limited my options! I like this, but since I never left the house the day I wore it, I still haven't worn a maxi in public. I will say it was SO comfy. I read lots of women wear them as their go-to bottom while traveling. I can definitely see why!

Day 13 - Stripped Tee, Skinny Jeans, Statement Necklace, Sandals 
I don't think I left the house this day. It is our Easter break and my family and I were chilling at home! I like this one for work with the blazer (Vero Modo) added for warmth and to dress it up!

Day 14 - Button Down, White Jeans, Sandals
I was getting tired of my button down so I went with this t-shirt (Gap). I figured it had some texture so it was a good substitute. I also had to go with a cardigan, because apparently it is still winter at the end of April in Saskatchewan. I wore my very favourite necklace with it. I felt like I needed something simple. I really like this outfit. It definitely screams, JORDAN! I don't have sandals, but couldn't have worn them anyway. Remember? It's winter here! :-( And I skipped on the white jeans thinking I would be wearing them during the week for work. I rarely wear blue jeans during the week, so it is nice to wear them on the weekend.
Day 15 - Stripped Tee, White Jeans, Denim Jacket, Scarf, Wedges
I didn't have to wait long for the white jeans! This is Monday's outfit. I was also getting tired of my black stripped shirt. I have a couple of other ones, but they are mostly white. My jeans have a blue tint to them and I didn't like the way it look. Instead I substituted my blue shirt from the day before. Again, it has a bit of texture, so I thought it worked. You may notice I am only wearing one of my wedges (Nine West) in the picture. I had worn my rubber boots to work that day (because there was snow on the ground in the morning) and somehow managed to forget one of my shoes at work! Ha! I don't have the denim jacket, but thought this blazer (Vero Modo) was a good work substitute.

Day 16 - Cardigan, Maxi, White Tee, Sandals, Statement Necklace

Here are the maxi skirt outfits I may have worn had I not gotten up to snow. Yes. It was snowing here. STILL WINTER. UGH. I would love your opinion on them. I am still not comfortable in it and not sure if it is dressy enough for work (I'm a high school math teacher). I went with a black tee, because I thought it looked dressier than a white one. The bottom is the outfit I wore instead. I needed some warmth and my black jeans (Guess) and green top and blazer (Both Ricki's) did the trick!

I think my favourite outfit from this week would have to be day 10 and 14! Check out some of the great outfits at the following links!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You look awesome! My faves, by far are Day 15 with that blazer- I should have got one for myself...and the very last picture you posted in Green and Black.

  2. Jordan - You look so cute in everything! I especially like the bright colors on you.

  3. Cute outfits! I love all the bright colors you have!

  4. I missed out on the votes for the best shirt, but pink was my pick for you, too! The bright colors really look awesome on you!

  5. you look great in everything but the red is super flattering!
    Seeing everyone's pics always makes me want your clothes!
    Where are your white jeans from?

  6. FYI, they have some cute, affordable denim jackets at Costco right now. I just picked one up this past week, and it was only $20.

  7. Great job with all the color - I love it!

  8. Love your outfits! And the fact that we were pretty much twins that one day! Actually, you were it on the correct day, so I totally copied you! HA! Thanks for the inspiration!


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