Happy Easter

For me, Easter is about remembering a kind, loving man who made a tremendous sacrifice for those he loved. I think a lot about heaven at Easter. I wonder what it is like there. I think one of my biggest questions would be if we could feel there. I get that our physical bodies are gone, but I just dream of holding Tripp in my arms again. 

Calder's hand photo bomb!

I encourage you NEVER to spend money on a boxed egg colouring set. All you need is food colouring, water, and vinegar. I always have the Wilton food colouring on hand. It gave the eggs such vibrant colours. Calder did some colouring on his and I wrote his name. I put elastic bands on the one on the right to get the stripped effect. We are going to maybe try the shaving cream thing some year, but not yet. Calder is not a "craft" kind of kid. The whole egg process was about 1/2 an hour and I had his attention for the first 5 and maybe 5 more dispersed amongst the next 25. Hugh laughed at me getting this cool activity ready and then sitting by myself at the table completing it. The things we do for our kids ;-)

Happy Easter.


  1. Done! I looked high and low for a "simple dye" kit (without all the fancy stickers and junk) and came up with nothing. I decided to just go the dye/vinegar/water route before I shook my head and realized that I was just asking for trouble, thinking I could dye with Bee. Ha.

    However, I'm a bit bummed that I didn't get to dye eggs :) Next year I'll come hang out with you and our kids can play, ignoring all the TRUE fun! ;)


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