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Style Me Challenge

Style Me Challenge! I am really having quite a bit of fun with this. Here are days 3 - 9.

Day 3: Neutral Cardigan, Bright Tank, Statement Necklace, Boyfriend Jeans, Wedges
As you can see I basically did NOTHING on the list. I went to put the bright tank and cardigan on and knew it wouldn't work as I would freeze in my classroom wearing it. The wedges had to go for the same reason. I did find a colourful jersey knit long sleeve (Costco) to replace the tank, but didn't have an other neutral cardigans, so went with a jersey knit cardigan. Also replaced the boyfriend jeans, because they didn't seem dressy enough for work. I went with these grey jeans (American Eagle) and in hindsight, they aren't looking all that dressy either! Boots (Spring) were also a necessity. It was FREEZING here last week and I really wasn't feeling springy at all on Wednesday!

Day 4: Denim Shirt, White Jeans, Neutral Flats, Scarf
I clearly strayed a bit here, but only on the pants (Gap). My white pants weren't clean and since the weather was miserably cold, I went with some red cords. Scarf and jean shirt are also from the Gap and the flats are from Target.

Day 5: White Cardigan, Stripped Tee, Skinny Jeans, Leopard Flats
I didn't leave the house on Friday, so here I am no make-up and hair not done just trying on this outfit! I really liked this one, but I decided when I tried it on together to return this particular cardigan (Old Navy). It is so thin it is see through. Not my style for 2 reasons. The first is obvious. You can see through it! The second is warmth. If I am wearing a cardigan it is for a reason. And it may just be because I am part reptile! The stripped tee is from the Gap, shoes are from Town Shoes and jeans are Buffalo. Necklace I got forever ago and is the only one I own that contains colour (I will be added colour necklaces to my "Keep an Eye Out For" list).

Day 6: Denim Shirt, Bright Tank, Maxi Skirt, Statement Necklace, Sandals
Here is the first day EVER wearing a maxi skirt (Gap) - Well actually, maybe it doesn't even count, because it didn't leave my bedroom in it. Once again, the weather was miserable.  Cold and rainy! I didn't like the denim shirt open, so I listened to some advice on the Facebook group and they suggested a belt. I am a pencil and I don't think the belt does anything for this outfit. Maybe if it was a different colour? Or if I actually had some hips? I don't know. I definitely like it a lot more with the shirt tied. I would have never attempted wearing a shirt tied before this challenge, but I will definitely give it a go now. I may look like a neglectful mother as I snap a selfie while my child screams, but in reality he was screaming because he wanted my cell phone! Boone loves pressing the button to turn the screen on!
Since it was raining I opted to alter the outfit to jeans. I like both of these, but thought I could use one more layer on a cold day. Well, that and Deena suggested I give it a try!
My final outfit was the one with the nude belt. I will thank Deena for her assistance on this. She received all these photos during text and was able to guide me through all these outfits :-) Gotta love a best friend with such great fashion sense!

Day 7: Neutral Cardigan, Button Up, Boyfriend Jeans, Wedges, Statement Necklace

I don't have a neutral cardigan so swapped it for the blue one (Gap). I also wore rubber boots when I left the house, because the weather is MISERABLE here! I'm still undecided on the boyfriend jeans (American Eagle). I love the wash of these, just not sure about the fit. I will continue to wear them and see if they grown on me. I didn't like the statement necklace when I put this together, so I paired a couple of my favourite pieces with it instead. Both have a strong connection to my son, Tripp, and I needed a bit of extra love from him on Easter Sunday. The top picture was taken with my sister-in-law, who is also doing the challenge!

Day 8: Button Down, Skinny Jeans, Leopard Flats
This is one of my favourite outfits this week and it basically came straight from my closet! I was again annoyed at the button down two days in a row, so I rebelled and did my own thing. Sweater (Vero Moda), Leggings with faux leather panel (RW&CO), Scarf (Gap), Tank (Old Navy). Although, it is all black, I feel like the scarf and tank add a bit of spring! 

Day 9: Jean Jacket, Bright Tank, Scarf, White Jeans, Wedges
It was finally nice enough to wear the wedges, but I decided not too, because as I walked around my house in them I noticed my heel slipping out. I won't keep any shoe that isn't comfortable, so these are hitting the road. I did pretty well staying on target with this outfit, but still haven't found the right jean jacket. Scarf (Bay), Tank (Old Navy), Cardigan (Gap), Jeans (Gap). 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the outfits! Do you have a favourite? Mine is the black top and leggings with bright scarf, but since that isn't in the challenge, I think I will go with the red cord and denim shirt!

Deena @ Shoes to Shiraz 

 Vanessa @ X-tremely V

 Anne-Michelle @ May We Be Allergy Free
 Teresa @ Two Babies and Me

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh my goodness! So many great looks on you - seriously, I can't decide which is my favorite. I love the chambray + scarf + red cords, the outfit with the scarf, black pants, leopard flats, and black sweater, and the chambray with the neutral shoes/belt, plus the jade green cardigan. You look fabulous!

  2. I love the outfits that you are coming up with. I also love that you are showing different ways to wear the same outfits. I had never considered a belt with my chambray shirt and now I just may give it a try! My personal favorite are all your fun spring scarves... I think I may be adding some more to my closet soon!

  3. I love all your outfits! I really like your maxi skirt and all your fun scarves!

  4. Love the Day 4 look. May need to hit the Gap this weekend and see if I can snag that chambray shirt!

  5. Day 6, I think the black belt with the green sweater looks great! Love day 5, simple, casual makes you look like a put together mama for some errands, I agree I love the red cords and the denim, you make me want another color pair of pants :) I also really like day 9. Like really really really like. Yep three reallys!

  6. Love your scarf collection - so much color!

  7. You look great in all your outfits! Those red pants are amazing on you. I think my favorite was Day 7 - love the color of that cardigan. Your son crying in the picture is so cute - I miss those days! Have a great week.

  8. I didn't even think about a belt around the chambray shirt! Such a great idea! And you look awesome with your jeans rolled a tiny bit or with a big cuff. Still loving the rolled sleeves with the boyfriend cardigan. These outfits suit you well!

  9. OMG...ALL these looks are perfection!! I want those leggings!! Love the black belt with the cardigan. And your scarves and nude wedges...I could go on and on!!

  10. Jordan, you really have a lot of great looks! I think my favorite one is the red jeans and denim blouse. The color palette just popped on you! Glad you have such a sweet best friend!

  11. OH my gosh, I love that bright blazer on day 13 and 15. Your boyfriend jeans look great on you, agreed with not washing them! haha. The maxi skirt looks great on you and totally appropriate for teach math! Day 16 with the maxi looks great, both ways, but what you ended up with was really pretty too.


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