Set the timer

Ten minutes. . . . Go!

My transition back to work is going well. I have honestly felt like supermom until this morning. I got a bit impatient with Calder. Not the end of the world, but I hate leaving the house in a huff. I will be better tomorrow for Calder and for me. I have turned into super super organized (because I already was super organized). We are running like a well oiled machine around here. I need to give credit where credit is due and I couldn't have done this without Hugh. He is definitely turned into superdad. Now, Hugh has always been great, but while I was on leave I did all the laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking during the week. Hugh has stepped up and done so much in all of these areas. It has really been great for all of us. Great for me, because I only carry 1/2 the load and great for Hugh because I am not cranky because I am carrying more than half the load!

The weather is bringing me down. This winter is terrible. I probably think that every year, but I think the paper said that we usually have 6 days in the winter where the daytime temperature is below 30 and this winter we had over 30. We deserve to be a bit cranky. Not to mention this spring. It was something like 10 degrees below normal yesterday. Seriously. We deserve a break. We need more puddles and less snow - pronto.

Grandma Fritshaw mails Calder hockey stickers every week for his Panini Hockey Sticker book. Calder has gotten so annoying, asking us if we got the mail on a daily basis! Subsequently, I am swamped with hockey sticker trading. Calder is SO in to his Panini Hockey Sticker book, but since he has so many stickers, it is getting harder to find the ones he needs. We have already found a couple of kids to trade with, but keeping up lists of his needs and stickers available to trade has been a full time job the past few nights. Speaking of which, the buzzer is going! I have new doubles to catalog. 

Happy Thursday!


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