2 weeks

8:29 am

At this time in 2 weeks I will be sitting at my desk, waiting for students to arrive. Some may even already be in my classroom. They won't be talking. They will be nervous that someone new is seated at the front of the room. When the bell rings and students flood in I will have my first look at my new day. These will be the teenagers I get to spend my time with while I am away from my favorite 2 little men.

Over the past year I have made a note on my phone called "Teaching". From time to time I have jotted down ideas and thoughts on education and things I want to do in my classroom. The very top point is my favorite, "More than anything, care about every student." I remember the article I read that made me write that. In elementary school Calder and Boone will spend more time during the week with their teachers than they will with us. Above all, I want my kids to feel love. Love from us, love from their friends, and love from their teachers. As much as I want them to meet every outcome and a whole pile of indicators, I want them to connect with the place they spend their days and the best way for this to happen is for them to feel cared for by the ones they spend most of their time with - their teachers. In two weeks from now, I get to be one of those people who care about your kids when you don't get to be there to love them in person. It is a pretty amazing job.

That being said, loving the heck out of my own boys at home is a pretty amazing job too, but for a big chunk of the day that will now be someone else's job. When people ask me about my daycare provider, M, the first thing I usually say, is that she lives right down the street from us. That usually invokes a "You are so lucky." Secondly I tell them that the woman that looks after our kids is awesome and that I am confident that our boys are loved while they are there. This usually invokes a "You are REALLY lucky." I really should tell the two things the other way around. I would easily drive across town to drop my kids off somewhere they feel loved. Love over location any day.

I had a little bit of a panic last night as I gathered things for Boone to have at daycare. The boys are going 2 days this week and 3 days next week. I called M to tell her about Boone's days and as I spoke I realized how easy he is. He will be fine there. He has a good schedule and M is a seasoned veteran. And above all, I know she will love the heck out of him while she has him (She also has 3 daughters who I KNOW will love the heck out of him too! When they're not at school, of course!)

I feel confident about my decision to go back to work. That's not to say it won't be hard and there won't be tears. That's also not to say it won't be great.

Happy Monday.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you in period one! Enjoy the last two weeks!


  2. Ha! Thanks Jennifer! So happy we are teamed up!!!

  3. I wish there were more teachers like you. Who realize how important it is to love your students. Good luck next week.


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