New Clothes. Part 1.

Deena had me take some photos of my current wardrobe so she could see what I had. After taking a dozen or so shots for her, I realized that many of the things had to go. Some didn't fit anymore. Some were really out of style. Some were pilled and one was even stained. The following are a few of the things I kept. Most of them contain "newer" pieces, which were bought in the last two years. 
The solid brown sweater and the grey sweater dress were bought at my cousin's store, Bliss, in Tisdale. You must check it out if you are ever there. They have great, unique pieces. You are basically looking at everything brown that I own in these four pictures. There is only one sweater missing and you would have it all. I love brown, but tend to lean more toward black. In fact while shopping with Deena, I didn't buy one brown item!
This is an example of something I learned from Deena and one of the fashion blogs she follows, Pinterest Told Me To. . . The sweater is one I bought at Old Navy post-Boone, because it was loose around my middle, not to mention warm and comfy. Statement jewelry is very in style (who knew?!) and you can wear it with anything - including mom-sweaters and t-shirts. I love how the necklace makes the shirt look nicer!
Here you have a morning shot of one of my new outfits, and one later in the day. I didn't think the lighting did the colour justice in the first. It looks more like the picture on the right. The shirt I bought all on my own at RW&CO. The jeans are so cool. They are black and fade out to a dark grey at the bottom and have that waxy look. They are from the Bay. I will try and get a better shot of them for the next post. Shoes are a year old and are Franco Sarto. More about my recent realization that I am a shoe snob*, later.
The outfit on the left is all my old stuff. I wasn't sure if those pants were good and shot this photo to Deena for her expert opinion. They got the okay! Deena also loved the necklace (Ricki's) and the shoes (Nine West - the ones that were 4 weeks late for my brother's wedding). The outfit on the right was purchased with Deena's expertise. Blazer - Vero Modo (the Bay), t-shirt and cords - gap, necklace - Dynamite, shoes - Nine West.

I love heels. And the taller the better. I'm short and there is something about a couple extra inches that makes me feel pretty and powerful all at once. Now to the shoe snob part. . . When Deena and I were in Toronto a couple of years ago, I needed some new pumps. I tried on at least a dozen different pairs of shoes in the price zone of $50 - $80. They ALL hurt my feet. Deena convinced me to try on a pair of $120 pumps. I was in heaven. They were like wearing runners; they were so comfy. Ever since then, I have only bought heels in the more expensive range. The nice thing about a few of the brands I buy is that I know my size in them is really consistent, so I can easily buy a pair of Nine West or Franco Sarto (my two favourites) online for a fraction of the price. Last summer I bought 2 pairs of Nine West on for the price of one - that being said, they took over 2 months to ship! I am usually not in a hurry and I love a good deal, so I would definitely look online for deals again! Last weekend I shopped around one more time, but this time for some cheaper flats. I tried to find reasonably priced ones, but they seriously aren't as comfy as the ones that are a bit more money. After this most recent excursion, I decided that my feet enjoy comfort and I am completely fine if they are a bit snobby about it!

I am having a hard time taking pictures of my clothing undisturbed in the daylight. My two little munchkins get in the way. One piles blankets on the floor and does cannon balls off the bed and the other rifles through every drawer and carries, perfume, ear plugs, brushes, and whatever else he can get his hands on all over the house. I will try to get some kid-free time on the weekend so you can see a few of my other favourite purchases!

Happy Thursday!

*Deena told me when we were shopping that she was a shoe snob. When I realized I was one too, I stole the phrase. Oops. Lucky for me Deena shares well :-)


  1. this post made me smile. Good job on the shirt find- can't wait to see the rest!

  2. LOVED this post! Your outfits look fantastic! My personal favourites are the black pointy toe shoes and the bright pink blazer. Looking good!!


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