Happy Birthday, Calder

Calder turns 5 years old tomorrow! We are so excited we get to share the ENTIRE day with him. As with all birthdays in our house, the birthday boy or girl gets to pick the supper of their choice. Calder has chosen noodles,  perogies, mashed potatoes & cream corn, and a salad. And of course, it will be cake pops for dessert!

Calder has learned so much this year. It has been incredible to watch him grow and to learn more about who he is. . .

Calder is strong-willed and loves to laugh. 

Calder is wild, loud, and sensitive. 

Calder loves to tell us stories and speculate about things he sees. 

Calder loves playing games and is learning to be a good loser. But let's face it - I'm not that best at it, so we won't be looking for perfection with him on this front! 

Calder is athletic and loves to play any kind of game that contains movement. 

Calder gives great hugs and does an excellent job of using his manners. 

Calder is curious and is always asking questions. 

Calder has an excellent memory and often retells events that we have long since forgotten. He also does a great job of memorizing all the fun facts I share with him during our time in the van!

Calder works hard and is happy. We couldn't ask for anything more. We love you babe.

I saw this idea on Pinterest. I get this printed and give it out at Calder's birthday party. I did it on our Mac (Drag the photo to the desktop. Open it. Tools-Annotate-Add Text.) They look just as good printed!


  1. Such a great poster... and such an incredible kid! :) Happy Birthday Calder! Hope you have a wonderful and fun day, and that your year is full of even more adventure than the last! :)

  2. I love the poster! What a great idea!


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