New Clothes. Part 2.

I have surprised myself with my new wardrobe. I have been thoroughly enjoying piecing together outfits and trying on all my new stuff. I have only worn 4 or 5 of the items out of my house, but that will change next week when I am back to work full-time.
The outfit on the left is one I have worn, but I guess not technically out of the house. I wore it for Calder's birthday on Sunday (minus the shoes of course - those were replaced with slippers!). My friend, Delayne, remarked that because she is a stay-at-home mom, she doesn't have anywhere to wear anything like my new work attire (She does work evenings and weekends, but you will find her in scrubs!). To be perfectly clear, Delayne dresses really well. She always look put together. In fact, I remember going over to her house for coffee not long after her oldest was born and she was showered, dressed, hair done, AND wearing making. Delayne has it together, so I was surprised to hear her say this. That being said, I have already mention I haven't worn much of my new stuff out of the house, and it isn't for lack of trying. It is winter  (a record cold one at that) and everywhere I go I am wearing a coat, so it seems pointless to put anything on other than warm boots and jeans. I think if I was a stay-at-home mom I might focus my wardrobe on spring, summer, and fall clothing. Since people rarely see what you are wearing in the winter, having 2 or 3 winter outfits, would probably be enough to look fresh and trendy everywhere you are seen coatless! My classroom is notoriously cold, so these outfits will be worn when it starts to get warmer out (or with a blazer right now!). T-shirt (GAP), necklace (Ricki's), Teal shoes (Le Chateau), scarf (GAP), leggings* (Bliss - in Tisdale), red shoes (I can't remember, but another awesome ladies store in Tisdale. . . You seriously need to go shop there!).
I love this black blazer. It is definitely my favourite of the 3 I bought. It has slouched sleeves and looks great done up (see below). I also love these leggings. I had bought a similar pair with Deena from the Bay, but returned them when they felt a tad to big (I HATE when leggings bag out). When they didn't have my size to exchange I went on the hunt and found these. They are even nicer than the ones from the Bay, so I was really pleased. It is hard to tell, but they have a faux leather embellishment all the way down the outer front of the leg. Blazer, top and necklace (Ricki's), leggings  (RW&CO), shoes Franco Sarto (Town Shoes).
Here is the blazer buttoned up. Note the necklace and shoes do not match. Deena taught me that was okay! I like that they are both in the green family, though. Top and necklace (Ricki's). The blue top has a zipper in the front and the teeth go all the way up to the should seam. As I shopped around I noticed a lot of these. Top Calvin Klein (the Bay), Necklace (Stella and Dot). 
Here are two different ways I plan on wearing the same top and pants, both from the GAP. The pants are grey and have that waxy finish. I bought two pair like that (the other ones were in the last clothing post). I have seen a lot of them while perusing the mall. I absolutely love the colour of the teal shoes. I have thrown them on with lots of different outfits. I'm not sure how comfortable they will be over the course of an entire day, as I have only worn them a couple of times for evening events. If they don't hold up, I will definitely looking for a more comfortable replacement pair. On the left: Blazer Vero Modo (the Bay), Necklace (Ricki's). On the right: Scarf (GAP).

Deena sent me a link to THIS blog post. It was fantastic. It showcased all the new trendy things for spring and where to buy them. The best part is that the Midtown Plaza in Saskatoon has ALL the stores!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

*The leggings from Bliss are my absolute favourite. The brand is Karma. I like them WAY more than Lululemon for everyday wear. They wash fabulously (no pilling) and are a heavier material. Mine also have some detailing that I like - a raised seam down the front and a tight, yet slouchy, ankle. They also go up to my belly button. Any mom knows that things aren't as tight in the midsection after babes (especially if you are me and have abdominal muscles that didn't come back together and have been lazy about physio), so these leggings are AMAZING. I know Deena and her sister also rave about Hue leggings from the Bay for the same reason.  My tips for buying leggings are to look for a higher waist, thicker material, and if you think you have tried on the size that fit, try one smaller just to see. There is nothing worse than leggings that bag out.


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