Happy Birthday, Boone

Boone is 1 today! We are so glad he is ours. He is a happy, go-with-the-flow, kind of guy. We loved watching and guiding Boone through his first year. We are so lucky to spend our days with this little man.

Boone's favourite things to do are look at books, have a bath, dive into blankets, carry around hockey sticks, chase after his brother, and explore outside. Boone also adores our dog, Cleo. Unfortunately, she is a bit of a grump and the feelings aren't mutual! She will tolerate him for short periods of time though ;-)

Boone loves the dishwasher. He has been known to wipe ketchup off of dirty plates directly onto my pants and he is forever splashing around in water pooled on the door after the dishes have been cleaned. I am getting great at manipulating things so that Boone is nowhere in sight when I have to open it!

Boone's least favourite things to do are have his face washed, nose wiped, or lotion put on, which is probably like most kids!

I wouldn't say Boone is a cuddly baby, but he there are times of the day that all he wants is to be carried around. There are moments when I have achey arms that this can get tiring, but for the most part I have become a master of propping him up on my hip and carrying on with my duties (and God forbid I sit down).

Boone has turned into Calder's mirror image and I don't mean in looks. Boone likes to copy any action he does and it's usually the inappropriate ones like banging his fists on the supper table, or screaming at the top of his lungs.

We have loved being part of all Boone's firsts this year - rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, signing, and of course the best of all, sleeping through the night! We can't wait to be part of all the firsts that come along in year 2!  Happy birthday, baby!


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