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I have always thought I would be a hockey mom. Maybe because my mom was? I'm not sure. But then when I married a hockey player, it felt like that fate began coming true. Now that Calder has his hockey gear it is actually beginning. He starts Huskie Hockey Camp for 4-year olds on Saturday mornings in January. I read this nice little article on Facebook, called A Hockey Dad's Last Ride. Made me want to appreciate every moment. . .

Olympics? Yes, please! I LOVE them. I was very lucky to have been off work for the last winter Olympics (it was the end of Calder's maternity leave) and I will be off for Sochi 2014. My favorite sports to watch are hockey and curling, but I seriously like all of them.  I saw THIS video on Facebook this morning. It made me cry. Figure skating might be my least favorite sport at the Olympics (remember I love them all ;-)), but I will be cheering my heart out for Virtue and Moir to repeat as Olympic champions. . .

My status update this morning on Facebook:

Calder just found a Christmas gift I hid under the spare bed in the basement. What the heck was he doing under there!? Sigh. I tried to tell him it was for Boone and he replied, "No, it's not." Touché 

The good news is I have had a number of tips posted to circumvent this from happening again. More elaborate lies, like I am storing the toy for one of his friends moms, being one and getting out the wrapping paper and getting it covered right away, another. I am now armed with a new strategy to try and wrap them right away - saves wasting an entire evening closer to Chistmas and I am going to save the elaborate lies for those gifts I don't get wrapped!

p.s. After I watched Virtue and Moir's video for a second time, I noticed there were more videos similar to theirs. I watched Jon Montgomery's. I cried. I will probably watch all of them!


  1. Oh man, these videos.... must. stop. watching. Can't stop tearing up. :) Thank you!


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