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Changes to Facebook

No, there isn't some mass overhaul coming that will have all your friends posting annoying backlash. The changes to Facebook I'm chatting about today are changes that I am making to how I use the social media.

I used to be a "creeper" or a "snooper". I was on Facebook almost everyday, but usually made it my mission not to be seen. I didn't want people knowing I was creeping on them, because quite frankly, I was worried that would make me look creepy. I also worried that people would judge me for being on Facebook everyday (A perfect example of me being worried about being judged - how dumb!). I rarely commented on anything, nor did I click "like" when I saw things I actually liked. I only posted a status update or new photo a couple times a year.

A couple of things changed that this year. First I posted a new pic of our baby boy. The response was overwhelming. I felt so much love from all the comments and every single "like" (I actually scrolled through the "like" list multiple times, amazed at all the people who commented). A couple months later I read a status update of a friend. She questioned why people were her "friends" on Facebook if they weren't even going to interact with her (occasionally liking a status or commenting on a photo). I really thought about this observation. I believe that connecting is one of the most important things we are put on this earth to do, yet when it came to Facebook I was making an effort NOT to connect. Lastly, this fall I had a conversation with some friends about how great it feels to get birthday messages from people on Facebook. I had previously felt that if I didn't know the person that well anymore it was weird to send them a birthday message. Strange that I have come to realize that you don't even need to know a person to send them a sympathy card, yet I didn't transfer that learning over to something as simple as a Facebook birthday wish.

The last few months I have been clicking things I "like" and commenting when I have something to add. And I have to say, I have been enjoying Facebook way more. I have been connecting with people and I don't think my enjoyment and those connections are separate. I am enjoying Facebook because I am connecting. I also think that connecting has helped me with some of my introvertedness (apparently that isn't a word, but I think it should be). I am typically apprehensive to chat with people I haven't seen in a while. I get nervous about what we will talk about and worry that the other person doesn't like me or even want to talk with me. Because I have been making a connection through Facebook, it doesn't feel like it has been that long since I have actually talked to these people. In a couple of cases, I am actually looking forward to running into them in the near future.

The last week people have been posting list of items that people may not know about them. I'm not sure how it started, but someone gives you a "number" and you write that many things about yourself. I got 8. Here they are (in case we aren't Facebook friends):

1. I have acid reflux. Not the kind that gives you heartburn, the kind that makes your voice raspy and throat sore.

2. I make monthly home movies of all the footage we take of our kids.

3. I love science fiction. Most of my favourite books and movies come from this genre.

4. On any given day, I would prefer to watch curling over hockey. If it's the World Juniors or the Olympics I might sing a different tune.

5. My sister and I each got a Pontiac Firefly for our graduation gift from our parents. Mine was blue and hers was red. We always hoped our brother, Luke would get a green one.

6. I love working in the kitchen. Baking is by far my favourite thing to do there. I enjoy baking muffins, bread, and cookies the best.

7. I was kicked in the head by a horse when I was in grade one. I blame my friend, Wade, entirely. I was rewarded with a skull fracture and a pile of get well gifts. My sister, Jessica, was ripped off because I got more gifts than her and it was her birthday that week.

8. My heart is owned entirely by 3 little boys. Two here and one in heaven.
You are up. If you are on social media I encourage you to click some "likes" and make some comments. If you want a number I am giving you one. You are an 8, as well. Make a connection. I promise it will feel better than "creeping". And I would know ;-)


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