A little bit of not a lot

Calder was concerned last week as we drove down circle drive. I was chugging back my bottle of water when this conversation occurred:

C: Mom, you're not allowed to drink and drive.
J: I know babe. That means not drinking anything with alcohol like beer or Palm Bay while you drive.
C: Oh, so you can drink water. . . or pop . . . or juice.
J: Yep, you got it.
C: Well, I can drink anything I want, because I'm not driving.

I'm not sure if Calder was referring to having a pop or possibly a Palm Bay!

Hugh LOVES Palm Bays as does my sister and dad, so there are always plenty in our fridge at the lake. For a treat this summer, Calder would occasionally get some ginger ale and orange juice when everyone was having their adult beverages. It would get a bit confusing for guests when Calder would ask for a Palm Bay. He thought his ginger ale was called Palm Bay. The super confusing part would be when he would argue with us that he should be allowed to have a Palm Bay because he had had one the previous day!

• • •
I bought the book "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss from Costco this weekend. Calder isn't really into anything remotely scary, so last Christmas we never got the chance to watch my favourite 1/2 hour Christmas show with him. Because of this, the first time we read the book was the first time he heard the story. He was quick to stop me as the Grinch stole all the presents from the first house. Very concerned, he asked, "Mom, that wouldn't happen at our house . . . right?"

• • •
One of my FB friends posted this on her wall last night: "And when Santa squeezes his fat ass down that chimney tonight, he's gonna find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse"...  If you know what movie that's from, we definitely would get along. BY FAR my favourite Christmas movie. I think Hugh and I are going to pull it out this weekend and get our Griswold on. By the way, it is "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", in case you didn't know. Don't worry. I won't hold that against you. . . for that long :-)

• • •
Boone started crawling last week. Like the real deal. Not just the army bit (and by "army bit" I mean the one sided army crawl Boone does where only his left leg comes up to push!). It was pretty exciting for Hugh who was manning the fort at the time. I have been away from Boone for approximately 10 of his waking hours and of course he decides to get his groove on when I am out of the house! Hugh and I had a good giggle about it!  

• • • 
Have a great, Wednesday!


  1. Oh, do I know that quote. Danton's favourite. Hear it about 6 million times each Christmas... ;)

    Thanks for helping me get excited about Christmas with NL Christmas Vacation and the Grinch! :) It IS on it's way, isn't it! WAHOOO!!

    (PS.. I love Calder's virgin "Palm Bays" too! Nicely done! :))


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