All I want for Christmas. . .

Seriously. Close the box. Wrap these two up. They are it. All. I. Want.

The two of them played in the box for probably 20 minutes. Boone only got hurt twice. Surprisingly, neither time was Calder's fault.

There is nothing I need for Christmas. I consider myself very fortunate for that, but I do definitely have some wants. I have been shopping around for some brown boots and have tried on more than 20 pairs only to come up empty handed. I have found a pair I adore at Town Shoes (they are THESE Steve Madden), but am waiting for my size to come in to try on. Technically, these will be my birthday boots from my mom, so I guess they won't be a Christmas gift. Nevertheless, if I get them before Christmas I may just wrap them and put them under the tree. It is fun to open presents on Christmas morning! Ha! I also want THIS pair of brown Uggs. They are so warm and cozy and fit right into my lifestyle. Hint, Hint, Hugh. I hope that I get some candles in my stocking and maybe a new book. I have read two of Malcolm Gladwell's in the last few weeks and I loved Nurture Shock (I have discussed it here before), so maybe some non-fiction is in order. I also think that Jay Onrait's book looks funny and I do want to read Bobby Orr's biography. I guess that settles it. Non-fiction for Christmas it is!

If you ask Calder what he wants for Christmas he will say, "NASCAR, Lego, and a kitchen." We are hoping Santa gets him THIS kitchen from Costco ;-).  We are in the process of locating some NASCAR cars. They are about $5 each and we can usually find them at Walmart. The problem is that they aren't always in stock and Calder already has a few, so we are a bit picky about finding him ones he doesn't have. Hugh and I both really like that he enjoys Lego. It isn't a cheep toy, but we love how creative he can get with it. Calder is in to the Lego City stuff. He loves anything with wheels and would spend all day building trucks, cars, and trailers!
This is Boone's super happy face. It almost seems like he is starting to work on his own fake smile! I just love this. He closes his eyes and scrunches up his nose. Too funny!

As for Boone, I have no idea what he wants! Because he has an older brother, there aren't really any age appropriate toys we are lacking in our house. I did find him a Fisher Price car garage that I remember Calder loving to play with at his friend, Dylan's house, but other than that, I am at a loss. Hopefully Santa addresses the kitchen to Calder and him ;-)

What do you want for Christmas? What are your kids asking for for Christmas?

Happy Monday!
p.s. Two "for"s seems weird. Is it right? Do I separate them with a comma if it is? Help DS and KK!!


  1. Agreed. Need nothing. Was hoping for more ideas from you! :) :)

    Ps... I would want that box o' boys too, if it wasn't already yours! How adorable is THAT!?! :)


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