I woke up Friday with a cold. It had been taunting me the previous couple of days, but on Friday it officially arrived. Unfortunately, it also arrived for Boone. Nevertheless, the boys and I had plans so in the morning we loaded up the van and headed to Elk Ridge to meet Hugh (he was already there for meetings). We had a great day together as a family touring Waskesiu. The weather was beautiful and Calder, along with Hugh and I, got quite a kick out of all the wild life we saw.

Friday night my throat was killing me. My nose was a faucet and I know Boone felt the same. He got up four different times during the night hurting and unable to breathe (he typically sleeps through the night). When Saturday morning arrived all I wanted to do was pack up our stuff and head back to our couch. Luckily for me, Hugh got up with the boys. I put some ear phones in, turned on my white noise app and caught a few more z's.

When I got up for the day I felt slightly better, but still debated skipping the run. In fact, I even asked Hugh if he wanted to run in my place! In the end I realized that I would feel guilty and possibly regret not giving the run a try, so we loaded up the boys and headed to the start line. At that point, just completing the run was the goal.

By the time I got to the race the fresh air and atmosphere got me in the right frame of mind. It was gorgeous out and the location was beautiful. The course was very hilly and was glad to have heard that before that hand. It got me in the right frame of mind. I did very well the first half of the race. I was keeping my 6 min/km pace that I like to run. The hills and my cold took a bit of the control on the second part. I finished the race in 31:30, but was very proud to have completed the race running the entire time.

I would definitely do a run like this again. There were people everywhere, but it wasn't hard to pass people and it was great that everyone was running or running/walking around me. The course was hilly, but it was gorgeous! I love running on trails - especially through the bush!

I have taken a few days off running, but looking forward to getting back to it when this cold passes!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. GOOD FOR YOU!! Wow.. you're incredible. There was NO WAY I've have gone if I was feeling rotten. I couldn't even make myself get on the eliptical! :s :)


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