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Damned if you do and if you don't

I just read Kelle's most recent POST over at Enjoying the Small Things. Kelle responded to some negative feedback she has gotten on her blog. I related to it on a blogging level and personal level.

I haven't got negative feedback in the comments section of my blog, but I have gotten a tiny bit through other mediums. Most of all I connected to her response because I often worry about what people think about what I post. Stupid. I am worrying about things people MAY or may not be thinking.

Worrying about being judged in a negative light is one of my greatest faults. As part of My Happiness Project (which is always ongoing even though I don't specifically write about it much), I am constantly working on this.

The truth, as Kelle writes, is that we are judged regardless of what we do. If I write about Tripp there will be people out there saying (or thinking) "Get over it." If I don't write about Tripp, there will be people out there saying (or thinking) "She is denying her own son." If I am rushed for time and feed my kids takeout for lunch, there will be people out there appalled that I would feed my children something so processed. If I don't take them out there will be people who might say I am uptight and need to relax a bit - it is only one meal.

I can't please everyone. I just need to be true to myself. This sounds like something I have said before. . . many, many, many times before. I wish that reading something and being inspired by it could change how I feel immediately and permanently. I know that I shouldn't worry, but even though I am feeling inspired this morning not to worry about it, I know I still will.

Baby steps, Jordan. One tiny step further away from worrying about judgement at a time!

I saw this on Facebook this morning and it seems fitting. Happy Thursday!


  1. I love this! Thank you I needed this today!!!

  2. You are dead on: no matter WHAT we do someone is always judging! That is what happens in a world full of opinions and ideas. In the end, as long as you are comfortable with what you are doing then that is all that matters. It is a tough concept to fully realize but once you got it life is a lot of smooth sailing and much less stress! Good luck! Anytime you need a pep talk about letting go of what other's think just get in touch with me because you know I don't care!

  3. My favourite worry quote, also attributed to Walt Disney is "Worry is a waste of imagination."

  4. Hi Jordan,

    I have been following your blog for a while through a friend of mine.

    This was a great post for today as I totally laughed today at thinking about mom's that may judge me if they knew that I fed my toddler "KD" for lunch and then plunked homemade Mac n Cheese in the slow cooker for supper.
    Haha! Oops! Oh well ;) I'm sure the kids won't complain :)

  5. Thanks for all the comments! I love them :-)


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