I'm not a Pinterest mom

Yesterday, it dawned on me that with Calder's gymnastic class cancelled next Thursday I could have a couple of moms over for coffee. It would be a great day to have a visit and allow our kids to wear their costumes a bit more on Halloween.

Along with a couple of the "yes" responses to the invite, I got the question, "What should I bring?" Originally when I planned this little get together, I figured I had some pumpkin cupcakes my mom made in the freezer that she had put chocolate eyeballs on that would be perfect for the occasion. That was it. The date was planned. When those responses started coming in I began to get excited and think, "What kind of stuff do we need for this party?" All of a sudden a small coffee date had turned into a party in my mind and as I laid in bed last night it was all I could do to pull out my phone and start pinning party ideas. Bare in mind I place no blame on my generous friends who were only trying to be helpful by offering to bring things. This party madness was all on me!

I couldn't sleep. I was consumed with trying to come up with Pinterest inspired ideas without the aid of Pinterest. I literally came up with one thing (black and orange play dough! Ha - is that even a Pinterest worthy idea ;-)), and laid there for the rest of the 45 minutes racking my brain for some other Halloween inspired kid and food ideas. Finally, it dawned on me that this was not my thing. I am not a Pinterest mom and do not need to have a Pinterest inspired party. And you know what? I am TOTALLY okay with that.  It just isn't me. I find it stressful. I am really not overly crafty, nor do I like to think about those little details in detail. I will stick to what I am good at. . . .

Things I am good at: Getting my house ready for company. . . .

Seriously, I can't think of anything else! Oh wait. . . . I am good at not getting worked up about the chaos that ensues when kids are tearing through my house. . . . I am good at having a snack ready for anyone who comes over . . . I like to think I am a good listener and make an okay pot of coffee.

Done. Party Coffee date planned!

p.s. If you want to see a cute party, my friend, Dani, recently posted a very cool Stashe Bash she had! She, along with a number of my friends, are great at creating themed parties. Kudos to them!


  1. I am in no way a Pinterest planner either, and I am totally cool with that. I joined Pinterest awhile ago, but I don't really get it so I am never on it. I figure I do enough classroom planning that I don't need to plan out everything else with such great creativity. ;)

  2. You are one fabulous mom, though, and you do have a calming influence on not only your children, but also your friends! :) THAT is important... and no one can pin that. Or make sure they have it at their gatherings, when that's what they need the most (not silly little details that keep us up at night... ;)).

    And you make a mean cookie! :)

    Thanks for the shout out too!! :) If anyone needs moustache gear, let me know! :)


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