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Hugh installed a new dishwasher in our kitchen on Friday. Multiple times a day since either Hugh or I could be heard uttering, "I love our new dishwasher." It seriously rocks. Part of the reason it is so rockin' might have to do with the fact our previous dishwasher was a dud. It was about 6.5 years old and came with our house and therefore probably the cheapest dishwasher our builder could buy. This isn't to say that cheap isn't good. In fact our old dishwasher was a rock start for about 5 of those years. We do not believe in pre-washing and we put anything that could be found in our kitchen into the dishwasher. It always came out clean. . . . Until it didn't. Slowly our old girl was leaving food caked on items and not getting our pots clean. The hard water started building up on all our dishes (you might recall me blogging about putting them in a vinegar bath to get all of the build-up off - I basically have been doing this once a month since). In the last month, I would open the dishwasher to find approximately 1/3 of the dishes not clean and this was with a pre-wash and not putting any pots or stubborn dishes in.

When I bought my first external hard drive I remember the sales guy telling me at Future Shop to get the largest storage space I could afford. "You will never regret having more storage space," he told me. I think the same applies to our new dishwasher. We got the most expensive model we could afford and it is amazing. It has way more space to put dishes because the arms take up less space, so there is more space between racks. There is actually a third rack on the top that fits all the small items including utensils which we have fallen in love with.

Our new dishwasher has actually cleaned all the hard water build-up off of all of dishes. It is actually quite amazing! And on top of the great cleaning job it does, it is one of the quietest dishwashers on the market. Our last one was incredibly loud. In fact, we would not run it if we wanted to spend time in our kitchen or living room and often times I would delay it to run in the middle of the night because it was so loud it would annoy me as I tried to fall asleep.

Lastly, our dishwasher rocks because it was a good deal. I can't lie. I am obsessed with deals.

Man, it is amazing how much I love the Bosch 800 Series Plus! Unfortunately, I am not being paid for that plug! Ha!


  1. Wow, 3 trays! Our dishwasher is pretty sad. We are planning on buying a new one for Christmas (boxing day deals hopefully). I may have to look into this Bosch 800 Series Plus.

  2. We actually would have preferred the 600 series (a bit cheaper and we didn't need the water softener), but they were out on the day Future shop had their big sale. Happy shopping!

  3. Good to know. Ours is still working (10 years) but it's loud. Next one the Bosch!


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