Ready, Set, Skate

Calder started skating lessons 3 weeks ago. Last year, I discussed the fact that there was no point in putting him in lessons, because we could easily teach him. That point still stands, but something I hadn't considered when I said that is how nice it is for Calder and I to do activities together while I am on leave. It has been great so far! Below is a picture taken before his second lesson. Calder does not want me to take the picture. Purposely ignoring. 

Calder showing me how hard he worked. The proof is in the sweat, apparently!
If you want a laugh, you need to come out and watch him before he gets too good. It is hilarious. Calder basically only has one speed - Full Out - and when you strap skates to "Full Out", it leads to some pretty hilarious spills.  For example, his coach asks the class to stand still and lift their right leg in the air. Instead of testing the waters, and gradually bringing his leg up, "Full Out" throws his leg into the air and reaches it up to waist height. Why hello, major spill! His coach asks the class to jump on two feet. Instead of doing a bunny hop like the coach demonstrated, "Full Out" does a tuck jump. Major Spill! His teacher asks the class to skate to center ice, "Full Out" aims for top speed. Major Spill!  I literally bust a gut the entire class.

I laugh at Calder's "Full Out" attitude, but I can honestly say he wouldn't be improving as much as he is if he was cautious. Calder is working so hard and because of it he is getting so good. And by good I mean so much better than he was at the start!  He is still no where near "competent" skater, but man is he making giant strides every time he steps onto the ice. There are no tears, in spite of major spill after major spill and this week when he got off the ice he asked me if he could go back out by himself (last week he wanted to ride his bike to the rink on a non-skating day to practice!).  He is absolutely loving it.

Hugh and I have been asking Calder if he would like to try hockey after Christmas (Huskie hockey has a Saturday hockey class for 4 year-olds). Every time we ask his response is the same, "I am going to be a NASCAR driver, not a hockey player." We automatically remind him that he won't be practicing to be a NASCAR driver until he is 16, so he needs to pick an activity to do until then. Calder will then reluctantly agree that hockey might be able to fill the void!

Here is a shot of him last Friday public skating with Hugh. Don't worry about him at the end. Just being a turkey and "resting" on the ice!

Happy Wednesday!



    Nascar.. bahahaha... :)

    I want to come watch! :) :)


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