Pumpkin Carving Time

Last night Hugh picked up 3 big pumpkins after work and as soon as we whisked Boone to bed we got set up at the kitchen table to carve our three little hearts out. This was a big year for Calder as we told him he would get to use his own little knife to carve once he got the guts cleaned out. Hugh and I learned a valuable lesson here. Never tell Calder the exciting part before the dirty work is done. Not only did he not have any desire to clean the pumpkin (he actually asked for gloves, which both Hugh and I scoffed at, until he told us his buddy Dylan's mom gave him some at her place for cleaning pumpkins!) and he asked us "When do I get the knife?"  18 times before Hugh had his pumpkin cleaned!

The top picture of me is a legitimate action shot. My dude's eyes were very hard to push out. 

We set up our three creations in the window once they were done and Hugh lit the candles. Calder immediately shouted out that Boone needed one too. We have a number of smaller pumpkins at the house, so he grabbed one and handed it over to me (As if Calder was going to even attempt to clean it!). Once I got it carved and set up in the window, Calder said, "Tripp needs one too."

Last week I asked Hugh if he thought Calder would include Tripp in a drawing of our family. I always envisioned Calder bringing home a picture from school with our angel included. Hugh didn't think he would and neither did I. Save one or two times, Calder only thinks to include Tripp is when we lead him to including Tripp or when we flat out remind him. I was a bit sad at this thought, but Calder has his own journey and if including Tripp in a drawing doesn't occur to him, it just doesn't occur. I brought it up with Hugh because I like to prepare myself. I didn't want to be upset over a fantasy I created. 

Needless to say, I was moved at Calder's wish to make a jack-o-latern for Tripp. As much as trying to predict how things will turn out is helpful for me emotionally, life can not be predicted. 

It was an awesome night.

I need to add that we always roast the pumpkin seeds (part of our tradition!) and this year they were the best yet thanks to my friend, Twyla. She suggested boiling them for 10 minute before roasting. They were unbelievable! If you have some pumpkins to carve tonight, they are definitely worth the work. I just dried mine after boiling, laid on a cookie sheet (mine was a stoneware one) and sprinkled with olive oil, seasoning salt, and white salt (I like the combo of both kinds of salt). I baked at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes stirring every 10 minutes. Yummy!


  1. My seeds are always gross- so thank you for this recipe! Now to carve tonight!

    5 glowing pumpkins from your window would be beautiful. A great, loving pumpkin family.


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