Who Looks Like Who?

Calder's birth weight: 5 lbs 7.5 oz
Boone's birth weight: 8 lbs 0.5 oz
The health nurse came yesterday to check on Boone and I. Boone left the hospital on Friday at 7 lbs 11 oz. On Monday he was 8 lbs 2.5 oz. The health nurse told us she had never seen a newborn surpass their birth weight at the 4 day mark! He is going to be a pork chop in no time :-)

Hugh and I thought that Boone looked like Calder, but now when we look at these pictures it seems like he looks like Tripp!

This might be a better photo to compare Boone and Calder. Boone currently fits the sleeper Calder is wearing very similar to how it fits Calder in this photo.

Everyone is asking, "Who does Boone look like?" We can't decide! You be the judge :-)


  1. They all look the same! They could practically be triplets! lol I love the pictures of the brothers, so beautiful :)

  2. You can definitely tell they are all brothers! You guys make some BEAUTIFUL BOYS.

    Happy to hear he is growing so well. I assume that means breastfeeding is going well also! Thanks for the pictures! LOVE EM!

  3. I agree with Kelly. You can definitely tell they are brothers. But if I had to make a choice I would say that Boone and Tripp look most alike. But, I hope that Boone ends up with the same beautiful hair that Calder has!

    You have a beautiful family Jordan.

  4. They are all beautiful!

  5. Des - So funny you say that! When we had Calder, the overwhelming response to the "who does he look like?" question was Luke! There are lots of people who still say Calder looks like Luke!

    Carman and Kelly - I love hearing that you can tell they look like brothers :-)

    Kim - I am totally on the same page with you with the hair!

    Thanks, Jenn ;-) We think so, too!


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