8 days over

My almost 2 day absence from here has nothing to do with having a baby :-(

I have come down with what Calder had last week. Thankfully it hasn't developed into the mouth sores tonsillitis yet. My throat is SORE, my nose is SORE and I am feeling sorry for myself that this baby hasn't come. Poor Hugh. Like 8 day overdue Jordan wasn't enough to deal with! hahahaha!

Yesterday I met with Dr. M2. I am now 3 cm. No labour though! I see her again on Friday for another ultrasound (to check fluid levels) and have another stress test (they measure the baby's movement and heart rate over approximately 30 minutes). Those two things along with me feeling good baby movement should give us through the weekend to wait for this baby to come on its own!


  1. 3 cm already and labour hasn't even started: I think that is a good sign that when this baby decides to make an entrance, your body will be super ready for the event! I am sending quick and easy labour thoughts for you!


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