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I usually get around 350 page views a day on my blog. The last week and a bit I have been getting more than 550.

My brother's fiance, Brittany, was telling me about how everyone she knows has been asking her, "Any baby news, yet?" I shared with her the increase in traffic on my blog. I had been speculating that people are coming back more frequently to see if we've had the baby yet! Brittany confirmed this for me, saying she has been even checking it multiple times a day to see if there is any news. I had a good laugh about this! Brittany (and other members of my family, I'm sure) may be inflating the number of hits on my blog and they are the ones that are going to be informed the moment we even head to the hospital!

I feel like the pregnancy talk is getting old. But that's all I think about and apparently, I'm not the only one :-) So here's some more. . .

I met with my ObGyn's partner on Friday, Dr. M2. My ObGyn is on holidays and won't be back until the 18th and I BETTER have delivered this baby by then. She checked me over. I am still at 1 cm (and have been since 35 weeks). Dr. M2 said that I could get on the induction list if I wanted to. (Apparently you get your name on this list and depending how busy delivery is and the situation you are in, you could get a call to come in and be put on the drip.) I have heard that being induced can be horrid, so I can't imagine electively choosing it! Maybe I'm not "there" yet! Dr. M2 told me that the longer I wait, the more ready my body will be to deliver and that means that being induced can be less "horrid".

Dr. M2 also told me there was no reason for me to have another c-section and that I am a good candidate to be induced if that's what I want. She immediately followed that by telling me that she sees no reason for me to be induced! The baby looked good when I was in on Wednesday (lots of fluid and good movement), so she just wants to monitor it even more closely now to ensure it stays this way.  I will be heading in to FAU on Tuesday for another ultrasound and check. At that point I will be 41 weeks. She told me that seeing a healthy, happy baby on Tuesday will give us a good indication that the baby will be that way (fluid-wise) for another 3 days. Dr. M2 told me if I want she can strip my membranes on Tuesday, but that it's completely up to me if I want it (I don't :-)

Never once did Dr. M2 say, "And at this point we will have to induce." I left her office elated. As much as I worry about my antibodies attacking this baby, all of the doctors involved in my case (including the expert, Dr. Whitington) feel that IVIG babies are just fine where there are after the IVIG treatments cease, so as much as I worry about the health of my baby I am really trying to focus on that.

At this point it sounds like as long as it is healthy, this baby will get to choose when it wants to arrive! I would prefer if it chooses sooner rather than later though!


  1. Well Jordan - I am very happy for Calder that you didn't have this baby on his birthday! It is tough sometimes for siblings to have to share their parents and their toys and basically everything (not saying that it isn't special for them to be able to do that)but it is always nice to feel extra special, like you are the most important person in the word on the one day a year.
    My fingers are crossed that you will be having your little baby very soon!

  2. I am elated that the doctors at RUH are doing the right thing and not forcing babies out before they are ready! You ladies in Saskatoon are lucky to have such great OBs!

    I am happy that the baby is doing well. He/She will come when you are ready, and you can know that no baby stays in there forever;)

    Proud of you Jordan for your patience and for your optimism! You are already loving this baby so much:)

  3. I am one who checks regularly for a baby update!!! Haha!! I'm thinking about you guys a lot! I was induced with Karlee, at 42 weeks. My doctor felt that 42 weeks was safe, but felt after that there were more risks, so he induced. I didn't think it was that bad! I also ended up induced with Chase because my water broke and I had tested positive for strep B (I think that is what they test you for???) so they induced me. Again, didn't think it was horrible. Hoping all goes well and you meet your baby soon! Looking forward to reading a post that you are going in to the hospital... hint hint!
    Carey Lehner

  4. I've been checking lots too :) Even though I know that probably the last thing you'll do when the baby is born is think, "I should write a blog!"

    It'll come soon enough! Can't wait to hear the news.

    - Hilary

  5. Kim - I was so pumped when this baby didn't come on Calder's birthday. Now that Hugh's AAA hockey is done it needs to get moving! Hahaha

    Kelly - I need this baby out! hahahaha. Good news is the days are running low. It can't stay in there forever.

    Carey - love to hear that the induction wasn't bad for you. I don't know what is going to happen if I make it to 42 weeks. I purposefully haven't asked that question.

    Hilary - I probably will blog - but might not be until the day after :-) Hope you had a good transition back to work!


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