Loser - Updated

I lost the pool. Sitting on my couch still pregnant. Today is Hugh's day. I can tell he is ready to meet our babe. Today is probably the day I am most likely to go into labour. Hugh is the luckiest person I know (and not just because I married him :-). In fact, it can get annoying how lucky he is!

Hugh is a loser too. Still pregnant on Thursday, March 7. 

Now I am going to see what I can do about NOT having this baby tomorrow (Calder's birthday)!


  1. Well I hope for your sake he is lucky today!

  2. You look great! Seriously, if I didn't know better I'd think you had a basketball under that shirt!

  3. I agree with Dani: you look AMAZING! I was that big at about 6 months with my last two.lol
    I think it would be awesome to have the baby on Calder's birthday!


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