Due Date

I'm at a loss these days as to what to write about. Mostly because I am STILL pregnant. 

Last week my family started a baby pool. Everyone picked a date for delivery and included what they thought the sex and size of the baby was going to be. As of this morning the only people left in the pool are me (March 5), Hugh (March 6), and Calder (March 13). I guess the bottle of Baileys I put up for the winning date will be staying at our house!

Calder is still sick. We had him checked out and he has tonsillitis. The worst part is his poor mouth. His gums and lips are swollen and he has a number of canker sores on his tongue and cheeks. Apparently this can be a symptom of tonsillitis. Calder bit into a bun on Sunday night and started crying it hurt so badly. Later we then got him to try some apple sauce and the spoon came out of his mouth bloody. Needless to say, he was on a purely liquid diet yesterday. I am hopeful today we can get him to eat more of the apple sauce and yogurt kinds of food. He basically hasn't eaten anything substantial since last Monday. 

Hugh's hockey team lost on Friday. It wasn't their best game. Hopefully they can bring their A-game on Thursday when they host Rosetown in Shellbrook and finish off the series. 

Not having this baby has allowed me to do some of the spring cleaning/nesting things that I HADN'T wanted to do! Our filing cabinet is now clean (I did enlist Hugh to help me with this) and I even called about transferring my teaching pension from Alberta to Saskatchewan. I have only been meaning to do that for about 6 years! 

Have a great day.


  1. YAY!!! you made it to your due date! I am so sad that Calder is so sick. Since Sydney was sick last week she was telling Jaret that when Calder feels better he will have to come over and play in her tent in her room, cuz that is what really made her feel better. (she is pretty concerned about her friend, and she knew how rotten she felt and didnt want her buddy to feel the same way) Good luck this week cant wait to hear the baby news Just for the record I am guessing Mar 7th, 7 lbs 9oz.

  2. WAHOO!! I'm with Calder... ;) The 13th would be a great day! ;) 3-13-13? How can you not love that?! :)

    Poor little dude- I hope Calder gets better soon, and can eat again! :( Yuck, to be so sick right now. :(

  3. wow. I did not expect you to make your due date! I hope the doctors are not pressuring you too bad to have a RCS. There are plenty of natural ways to get things going...some fun and some not so fun. lol

    Calder's illness sounds TERRIBLE:(I recommend super c juice from bolthouse farms...it is smooth and a bit thick and full of the vitamin he needs most right now.


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